Giangiacomo Pepe's Provocative Nudes

Erotica // Monday, November 18, 2013
'...I have always photographed in this way, so it has been a natural journey, almost an oblivious study of nudes. I like the female body, the details, the oblivious gestures of a girl, like a foot resting in a specific way, a belly crease, the reflection of a body…I think that this is the truth and I try to stop (and capture) this like I see it. Obviously this choice to make mainly nudes has its consequences, so I discovered I was clashing to a totally primitive point of view.' Giangiacomo Pepe  

Giangiacomo Pepe

Erotica // Wednesday, January 04, 2012
Here are some sizzlingly raw and minimalist images for you to enjoy, from young and talented Italian photographer Giangiacomo Pepe, aka Sinapsi.


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