Digital Blackbook: Graffiti Analysis 2.0

Juxtapoz // Sunday, February 07, 2010
Technological advances have truly helped bolster and propel graffiti to new levels. Take a look at this virtual blackbook, Graffiti Analysis 2.0 and tell us you don’t want to scrawl your tag in 3D.

Nuart: Chris Stain on Graffiti Analysis

Juxtapoz // Thursday, September 10, 2009
Evan Roth, one half of the fabulously clever and subversive Graffiti Research Lab, has been testing out his Graffiti Analysis project on the Nuart crew.

Graffiti Taxonomy: Paris

Juxtapoz // Sunday, July 12, 2009
In 2004, Evan Roth of Graffiti Research Lab began collecting photos of tags around New York City, and then cleaned them up to be compared and analyzed. His new exhibit, Graffiti Taxonomy: Paris continues the project.

GRL: Graffiti Research Lab Laser Tags

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, December 10, 2008
Our homies over at Graffiti Research Lab (GRL) founded by Evan Roth and James Powderly, show Miami and Antikulture what open source technologies for urban communication can do for artists in this video documenting some sick laser graffiti during this year’s GEN ART Vanguard Art Fair. Directed by Francesco LoCastro, this footage is not only unique (we'll never think of good ol' laser tag games in the same way) but it raises some questions about the legality of public art. Can laser graffiti be considered vandalism? This cop sure thinks so…

Evan Roth's "Brooklyn Go Hard" Video for RED

Juxtapoz // Thursday, December 04, 2008
Imagine our excitement when artist and Graffiti Research Lab co-founder Evan Roth (aka fi5e) was asked by the cats at RED to make a video. Not just any video; a video for a new Kanye West produced Jay-Z song (featuring Santogold, which will be featured on the soundtrack for the Notorious B.I.G. biopic Notorious) for RED & the Global Fund to Fight AIDS in Africa. We love Evan Roth, Kanye West, and Jay-Z and hate AIDS, so this new project is right up our alley. Not only is the song sick, but the visuals (made up of only letters from the word 'BROOKLYN') really take it to another level. Looks like Brooklyn has a new anthem. Roth recently wrote on his blog: “Last week I was contacted to make a video for a new Kanye West produced Jay-Z song for RED & the Global Fund to Fight AIDS in Africa. It launched today (World AIDS Day) at And while I'm happy to be able to help the cause I'm also more than a little bit excited about getting a chance to make something for the likes of Jay-Z and Kanye. "I've been turning down client requests to use Typographic Illustration for 5 years in hopes that one day the phone would ring and it would be Hova. [...] I'm pretty sure that this is the first rap video to end with a download source code link.” Watch the whole video below, and then hit up google, as Roth is the self-proclaimed number one return for the google search "bad ass mother fucker".  
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