New works, prints, and zines from Evah Fan

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, November 26, 2013
It has been awhile since we checked in with Evah Fan and her newer works, and today we take a look at the Oakland, California-based fine artist. Not only does she have a ton of new paintings to check out, but she recently posted some new prints and zines on her site, and updated some of her commercial works she has been doing for Sony and a few children's books. Take a look, and get the Coffee zine. 

Evah Fan "What Have You" @ Park Life, SF

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, August 29, 2012
When we featured Evah Fan in the magazine back in October 2010, she was living in Stockholm, Sweden, making intricate illustrations that, and as Kristin Farr wrote at the time, were "unintentionally puzzling." Now back living in Oakland, California, perhaps things will get more puzzling or clear as Fan is set to open What Have You at Park Life in San Francisco on August 31.

Announcing: Juxtapoz Illustration 2 Book

Juxtapoz // Thursday, October 13, 2011
We at Juxtapoz continue our book series, in conjunction with Gingko Press, with the special release of our newest title, Juxtapoz Illustration 2. After the success of our first Illustration title, we include in our second installment Josh Keyes (on the cover as well), Ericailcane, Dabs Myla, Alexis Mackenzie, Rachell Sumpter, Evah Fan, Rich Jacobs, and others.

The Art of Evah Fan

Illustration // Tuesday, August 30, 2011
Evah Fan is an illustrator currently living and working in Stockholm, Sweden. We've showcased her work here before, but her pieces are just so charming that we've decided to feature her again.

Artist to Watch: Evah Fan

Juxtapoz // Sunday, January 09, 2011
*Every Sunday, will highlight an artist that we feel is currently on the cusp of a new level of critical and technical success. The artist we feature will not necessarily be unknown, nor will they be of a pre-established museum career. But they will be artists who have showcased progress in a new body of work that deserves continual examination. We will mostly look at the work itself and let the art speak. Today, we feature California-bred, Stockholm-based artist, Evah Fan.

Evah Fan and Brendan Monroe do a Madlib

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, November 02, 2010
Fine artists Brendan Monroe and Evah Fan are married and live in Stockholm, Sweden. Both have been in Juxtapoz Magazine this year, and both were interviewed by contributing writer Kristin Farr. In honor of this, we had Brendan and Evah participate in a Madlib.

In Store Now: New Juxtapoz Handmade Book

Juxtapoz // Friday, October 29, 2010
We were thinking of you and your "I don't have gift ideas" mindset. Our newest title in our Juxtapoz book series, Juxtapoz Handmade, is now available in our webstore, featuring work from AJ Fosik, Brendan Monroe, Saelee Oh, Evah Fan, Jim Houser, Cody Hudson, and Ana Serrano did the cover art.

The Pocket-Sized Work of Evah Fan: Our Favorite Interview Quotes

Juxtapoz // Sunday, October 10, 2010
In many life scenarios, smaller is easier and therefore better – a smaller hill to hike, a smaller bill to pay, a smaller mess to clean up. With Evah Fan (Juxtapoz #117) however, small is great but definitely not easy.

Figments x Come What May: Video by Brendan Monroe and Evah Fan

Juxtapoz // Thursday, October 07, 2010
We’ve recently featured interviews with both Brendan Monroe (Juxtapoz #113) as well as Evah Fan (Juxtapoz #117). Here is a video they made together last month in Paris.

October 2010 Edition of Juxtapoz

Juxtapoz // Sunday, September 19, 2010
To honor the entry of Fall, we have one of the most prolific and active artists going today, Greg "Craola" Simkins on the cover of the magazine for October 2010 issue. The new edition also features more prolific artists making waves in today's art world.
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