Crossing the border

Street Art // Thursday, January 19, 2012
With a little help form your friends and a mirror, you can jump the border in record time.  New street work from Spanish artist, Escif in Albacete, Spain.

Neighborhood ApoCalypse

Street Art // Tuesday, January 17, 2012
A captivating mural containing muted colors and a hurricane of people.  Painted in Valencia, Spain, home to the creator, Escif.

"Growth the weight of a weight" by Escif

Street Art // Monday, January 16, 2012
Weight experimentation or examination by Spanish street artist, Escif.

Bloody Briefcases by Escif

Street Art // Wednesday, January 11, 2012
Spanish street artist and all-around clever thinker, Escif, paints a dark scene of bloody suitcases in Valencia, Spain.


Street Art // Monday, January 09, 2012
Spanish artist, Escif gives a brief explanation to this site-specific painting on an old German fort, “The battery Karola was built between 1942 and 1944 by the German navy. On 12 September 1944, the Allies had surrounded the entire fort and a long siege began. The base was defended by 20,000 German soldiers and the siege continued until the capitulation...

Rise and Fall by Escif

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, December 27, 2011
Spanish street artist, Escif making great use of some old, faded pink walls in Stavanger, Norway.

Rise and Fall / Metal Power

Street Art // Monday, December 26, 2011
Spanish street artist, Escif making great use of some old, faded pink walls in Stavanger, Norway.

Escif Getting Around

Street Art // Monday, December 19, 2011
Spanish artist, Escif has been on the go painting the following walls in Germany and France.  Subjects include love Exercises, the power of the mind, and bicycling.  As usual, creating clever imagery and very concise.


Street Art // Friday, December 09, 2011
We revisit this great mural from Spanish artist, Escif that he painted in Miami last year.  A simple statement that you may or may not relate to at times.

Escif Head On With A Fence

Street Art // Thursday, December 08, 2011
Spanish artist (and FEB 2011 cover artist) Escif applies his minimalist approach to the following wall with the phrase "Art is the chance to think regardless of concepts" floating above.


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