HorrorSleazeTrash and Ben Newman

Erotica // Tuesday, May 03, 2011
Filthy femmes, perverse pics and the talent of UK based artist Ben Newman.  Slightly gothic, fully erotic with a subliminal fixation on fantasy and putting the female in compromising situations, Newman and his fictionally consensual works may be giving him heat in the workplace- but in his world the women are the ones doing the instigating.

The Living Brush

Erotica // Monday, May 02, 2011
In the 1960's french artist Yves Klein is perhaps the most famous for his series of paintings "Anthropometries". The effect produced by this technique creates an image-transfer from the model's body to the medium. This includes all the curves of the model's body (typically female) being reflected in the outline of the image.

Love, Sex & The Purple Wolf

Erotica // Monday, May 02, 2011
Illustrator Jesse Auersalo divides his time between Brooklyn and Helsinki. His distinctive, character-driven work is marked by an aesthetic he describes as ‘polished and clean, sticky and dirty. Dark and intimidating, Jesse's the attention to detail and meticulous rendering contrast, mostly black & white or sepia creates strong iconic images that hints at highly conceptualized S&M.

Maritine Johanna goes deeper into the woods

Erotica // Monday, May 02, 2011
Floating between contemporary illustration, art nouveau and Victorian lowbrow, Martine Johanna is aiming for an artisan craftsmanship that reflects her individual handwriting and personality. The beauty of plain graphite, paper and an emotional breath is sometimes all it needs to make it work. Creating a unlikely universe in the shape of sometimes dark feminine fairy tales, where a deep bond with her inner world comes to life.

The Great Wall of Vagina

Erotica // Monday, May 02, 2011
Winner of the Erotic Signature international sculpture prize, master of the art of bondage casting and creator of his most recent masterpiece 'Great Wall of Vagina', Jamie McCartney has caught the attention of art enthusiasts, sex enthusiasts and basically everyone enthusiastic about this extremely erotic, socially conscious installation that has been 5 years in the making.

The Classical Exhibitionist- Phil Hale's Record Separator

Erotica // Monday, May 02, 2011
Phil Hale is one of the most compelling and unpredictable painters working in Britain today. His work has been largely concerned with the struggle to integrate form and abstraction into psychologically powerful and coherent forms.  An American figurative painter with a long history of creating emmensley skilled works that can be deemed as classical as their counterparts, Hale reaches a sense of almost voyeuristic exhibitionism in his new works entitled 'Record Separator.'


Erotica // Monday, May 02, 2011
'Sex is cool and we all know that.'  Lena Vazhenina is creating provocative, often unsettling and and usually humorous images out of Moscow City, Russia, exploring the issues of identity of gender through polymorphous sex creatures.

At the Trance Farm with Eric Beltz

Erotica // Monday, May 02, 2011
Witchcraft, religion, the holy cow of humanist art, and renderings of mythological narrative are deeply rooted within Eric Beltz’s series “Trance Farm”. The title is borrowed from a forced pun found in an article about urban farming in a contemporary spiritualist magazine as Beltz both laughs with and laughs at American society.

Sasha Grey Gallery Show & NEÜ SEX Book Signing at Martha Otero LA

Erotica // Sunday, May 01, 2011
Sasha Grey will be having a gallery show and signing her new art book, NEÜ SEX, at Martha Otero Gallery in Los Angeles this May 3-4, 2011. We don't know what the gallery show portion of the show means, but we know the book signing will be popular.  

The Devil is Left Handed

Erotica // Saturday, April 30, 2011
In Portuguese the words "Esquerdino" and "Canhoto" indicate "someone who habitually uses the left hand", though "canhoto" is a usually a derogatory definition, but is best used on a daily basis. Canhoto is also a popular name for the Devil  in Portuguese.  


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