The Ross Sisters

Erotica // Wednesday, January 15, 2014
The Ross Sisters were a trio of female sibling singing dancers consisting of Aggie Ross, Elmira Ross, and Maggie Ross, (whose real names were Veda Victoria, Dixie Jewel and Betsy Ann Ross). The Ross Sisters performed as a 3-part harmony trio, in which they also danced and did acrobatics and contortionism. Their public attention peaked during the 1940s, during which they were featured prominently in the film Broadway Rhythm  

Muti's African Pinups

Erotica // Wednesday, January 15, 2014
'We created a series of 3 classic pinup posters with an African twist. The artworks were displayed at a group show featuring South African artists and illustrators hosted by M Contemporary gallery in Sydney, Australia.' MUTI is a creative studio based in the city of Cape Town, South Africa. 

Katrin Freisager's Dream States

Erotica // Wednesday, January 15, 2014
Katrin Freisager’s most famous works show young women in dream-like states – abstracted and precisely staged in a hotel room, atelier or studio. Her subtle game with costumes and body compositions generate that small frame and mysterious atmosphere that make her work unique. It may seem gaunt, but there’s more to her photographs than just what the eye can see...  

John Crawford's Aerial Nudes

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, January 15, 2014
Auckland based John Crawford's portfolio of commissioned and uncommissioned works is diverse in subject matter and mood, yet unmistakeable in its use of light and its natural, simple style. John says his aim is to capture images that have a high degree of interest and contrast, don’t look too technical, and are easy to look at and enjoy- like his series of Aerial Nudes!

John Wehner: This Voyeur's Life

Erotica // Tuesday, January 14, 2014
Joe Wehner is primarily an erotic filmmaker, working under the moniker "This Voyeur's Life." He also makes a point to catalogue his film stills, which can definitely hold their own as photographs, each one of them a roiling cache of erotic energy. These photos act the voyeur role the way so many fantasize they could, bringing the viewer into the most intimate of encounters, minus all the awkwardness. If you like these photos, check out his films as well. Joe Wehner is based out of New York.

Pretty Puke Photography

Erotica // Tuesday, January 14, 2014
Pretty Puke is an erotic photography blog with a fresh grungy aesthetic. The author of the blog, whose philosophies (of which there are many) include "make pretty things and never be seen," has a keen eye for the kind of imagery that shakes up the generic nude photography session. Drawing inspiration from the ghetto and punk scenes, these photos provide a look into the sexier side of a creative eye.

Ellen von Unwerth and Eva Doll

Erotica // Tuesday, January 14, 2014
These two new editorials from Ellen von Unwerth feature her most recent muse, Eva Doll, who lives up to her name and beyond in these gorgeous photospreads. Between "Sexy Boudoir" and "Glam Cabaret," Eva doll displays her modelling potential with glowing gusto. Her full lips command almost every photograph, and between the dynamic poses and sexy, angular outfits, these photos are a visual feast. 

Big Shots: Andy Warhol Polaroids

Erotica // Tuesday, January 14, 2014
Big Shots: Andy Warhol Polaroids provides insight into the artist who sought to capture the world with his camera. An exhibition of about 250 of these photos wa put on public view for the first time at The Nasher Museum at Duke University in 2010. These photos of celebrities capture the younger, more vulnerable edge of the faces we have come to know so well, many of them topless or stripped-down in a way that indicates a sense of intimacy that Warhol insisted on. See you who can recognize!

Arnold Frolics' Playground Nudes

Erotica // Monday, January 13, 2014
Arnold Frolics is a Toronto based photographer who uses nudes, skewed perspectives, floods of light in darkness and subjects who often appear withdrawn and almost defeated to create lonely but magical and dizzying environments. His photos are imperfect but beautiful and haunting. If you ask him about his work and inspiration he’ll gush about how important his friends and the people around him are, and that they continually inspire him to do more. It’s comments like that that speak to just how fresh Arnold is to his craft. His freshness, which is often a detriment to most artists, is used to his advantage.

Joe Peck's Thigh Candy

Erotica // Monday, January 13, 2014
All of Joe Peck's pin up work is created using CS5. He has created imagery for just about every fantasy girl you can think of.


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