The Happy Mess: "Backyard Girl"

Erotica // Thursday, July 10, 2014
The Portuguese pop band "The Happy Mess" has released a new video for their single "Backyard Girl" featuring two girls kissing-- a theme none of us are strangers to. While this particular 'theme' is often portrayed in an inauthetic pornstar just-for-jerks fashion, this music video has a more emotional feel, and you can actually sense some care and passion between the leading ladies. In a world where lesbian affection is often mistreated as a male fetish, it's nice to see a video that seems to really be about the women.

Black and White Drawings by Natasha Lillipore

Erotica // Thursday, July 10, 2014
Natasha Lillipore is a model, illustrator and designer whose black and white erotic drawings feature beehive-headed Elvira-esque halloween beauties in provocative poses. The black-and-white modem gives a tattoo flash feel to these illustrations, and we're enjoying the mix between demure heavy-lidded lady characters and their raunchy, unembarrassed behavior. Lillipore currently lives in LA with her boyfriend and 13 year old cat, Bart Hog.

Julie Brass Photography

Erotica // Thursday, July 10, 2014
Julie Brass is a Vienna native whose fashion and commercial photography features bold colors, dynamic angles and of course-- beautiful women. These portraits exude a raw sexiness that is both playful and restrained at the same time. Brass often focuses the photo around a single prop or item, drawing power from the simplicity of minimal scene-setting to draw all eyes to the model.

Modern Shunga from Jeff Faerber - NSFW

Erotica // Thursday, July 10, 2014
Jeff Faerber's naughty painting series based on traditional Japanese Shunga prints capture the look of the original prints but update it with western figures and modern toys, products and food. "Shunga" is a Japanese term for erotic art--translated literally, the Japanese word "shunga" means "picture of spring," as "spring" is a common euphemism for sex. These paintings are truly modern translations of shunga.

Broken Fingaz' Sex Picnic

Erotica // Thursday, July 10, 2014
We're in LUST with these images from the new erotic zine 'Sex Picnic' from Israel's very own Broken Fingaz crew. Launching July 18 at MEN Gallery in London, if you find yourself on this side of the globe, you can't miss this. Plus there will be live performances from two local hardcore bands Who Cares and Idlehands and of course more provocative imagery than you can shake your stick at.   

Alaqua Fry: Gorgeously Grim

Erotica // Wednesday, July 09, 2014
There's that age old saying that goes something like, 'It isn't good unless it hurts a little bit', right?? I think its safe to say that the work of Alaqua Fry falls into this category. With provocative feminine characters, that often times seem to be compromising their own mortality, her work has both sides of everything we (I) admire. Love, lust and a little bit of gore. <3

Francesco Zorzi's Seductive Simplicity

Erotica // Wednesday, July 09, 2014
Creative director, designer and illustrator Francesco Zorzi was featured as one of the "200 Best Illustrators Worldwide 2013/14" by Luerzer's Archive. He has a master's degree in architecture, and is a professional member of AIAP (Italian national association of visual designers) out in Florence, Italy that he somehow balances out and uses to create his minimally designed (clean and dirty) graphics for various clients. 

Mike Kershnar: Painting Flesh

Erotica // Wednesday, July 09, 2014
'This project came about when Bay Area filmmaker Sean Desmond asked me about the possibility of filming me paint on a human body in my Inner Richmond apartment.  It was an exciting idea and I wanted to give it some narrative.  I came up with a lost lover, reanimation tale that would include bits of ritual and ceremony...  

The Original Batgirl

Erotica // Tuesday, July 08, 2014
Albert-Joseph Penot's 1890 painting entitled "Bat Woman" predates Batman, Batgirl or any of the comic reincarnates, yet she exudes a familiar sense of cosmic intention. While contemporary representations of superheroes with bat-like affiliations tend to feature skin-tight nylong masks and leggings, Penot's Batwoman is entirely nude, giving her a much more natural, almost feral connotation. We're pretty sure that this version of Batwoman is a villain, and one who doesn't have much time to mess around with capes and nylon.

Julia Fullerton-Batten: Wearing Nudity

Erotica // Tuesday, July 08, 2014
Julia Fullerton-Batten's models seem naked in their nudity, and it's not just a clever play on words. John Berger explains that "nakedness reveals itself. Nudity is placed on display. The nude is condemned to never being naked. Nudity is a form of dress." In Fullerton-Batten's "Unadorned" series, each model is nude, yet each wears a type of nudity in the vein of old world masters from the 15th-17th centuries-- the settings as well as the bodies express an attitude just as any dress might.


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