Crystal Renn by Txema Yeste

Erotica // Friday, March 16, 2012
Spanish fashion photographer Txema Yeste takes to the streets of LA with modeling superstar Crystal Renn for the March 2012 issue of Numéro China, posing in sheer, seductive lingerie from such prominent labels as Alexander McQueen, Emporio Armani, Lanvin, and Sportmax.

Dastardly Dave

Erotica // Friday, March 16, 2012
Dastardly Dave is an internationally published fashion and erotic photographer. A graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art, his work has appeared in a multitude of websites and magazines, and his client list ranges from tattoo artists to exotic dancers to housewives. He is now a staff member of the Studio of Photographic Arts in Manchester, New Hampshire, where he teaches classes on Lightroom, Advanced Photoshop, and Glamour Photography.

Inside A Sex Doll Factory

Erotica // Thursday, March 15, 2012
The mystery of sex doll creation is fully revealed in this somewhat disturbing and comprehensive photo exposé from photographer Jason Lee, who was granted access to the Ningbo Yamei plastic toy factory on the outskirts of Fenghua, Zhejiang province in China. Lee documents the production of the company's 13 types of dolls, selling more than 50,000 last year at an average price of $16.00 USD and primarily exported to Japan, Korea, and Turkey.

Harri Peccinotti

Erotica // Thursday, March 15, 2012
"Every photographer who's made a career out of pressing shutter buttons in front of beautiful women owes a great debt to Harri Peccinotti," writes in their scintillating interview with the famed photographer himself. Suggestive without being overtly pornographic, Peccinotti celebrates the everyday, moment-to-moment sexuality of women, revealing the electrifying eroticism that lies beneath the most ordinary gestures and activities.

Terry Richardson's Bondage Babe

Erotica // Thursday, March 15, 2012
Another awesomely unsettling photo shoot from one of today's most prolific and compelling photographers, Terry Richardson. Known for his uncanny ability to cut to the raw essence of his subjects, his vision is at once humorous, tragic, beautiful, and provocative. Here he explores the disquieting theme of physical bondage, with a tinge of political commentary, from a facetiously exaggerated and erotic point of view.

Robert L. Schultz

Erotica // Thursday, March 15, 2012
Based in Madison, Wisconsin, classical artist Robert L. Schultz's masterfully rendered nude drawings have been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions across the country. "The tension in my work is often sexual," says Schultz. "Sexuality sometimes seems like it's all that we're about. I like the play of sexuality, keeping people guessing and thinking about the artist, the model, whatever"

The Works of Ida Tursic & Wilfried Mille

Juxtapoz // Thursday, March 15, 2012
Ida Tursic (Serbia) & Wilfried Mille (France) currently have an exhibition at Almine Rech Gallery in Brussels, but the duo's entire body of work is both a figurative and abstract look at sex, pop-culture, nature, and fame. Tursic and Mille now work in Dijon, France, creating large-format oil and silver works on canvas.

Caroline Aquino Bondage Pt. 1

Erotica // Wednesday, March 14, 2012
The talented photographer/videographer Dave Naz recently posted one of his new videos featuring the lovley Caroline Aquino in rope bondage. The rope rigging was done by Damon Pierce, music is by Thee Oh Sees on In The Red Records. Special star-turn appearance by Mochi the super pug and a whole lotta red rope.

Steak and a BJ Day

Erotica // Wednesday, March 14, 2012
Men work very hard to satisfy their lovers on Valentines Day, and, given their ebullient dedication, Steak & BJ Day is a joyous opportunity to repay the favor.  The time has come (and so will you).  Gentlemen and Ladies, the Steak and BJ Day team are very very very happy to say that Steak and Blowjob 2012 has indeed arrived, on this very day, Wedsnesday March 14th. Enjoy! x

Maria Francesca Pepe Lookbook 2012

Erotica // Wednesday, March 14, 2012
MariaFrancescaPepe's "Jewellery-Wear" is a new concept for Fashion Jewellery. The boundaries between clothing and accessories become blurred whilst retaining a contemporary functionality. Bold and classic at the same time MFP creations mix the past and the future with impeccable taste, representing the tradition of art craft with a postmodern approach which is far from the obvious....


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