Polaroids by Millicent Hailes

Erotica // Thursday, August 07, 2014
Millicent Hailes is a polaroid photographer who often does shoots for magazines like Vice. A graduate in photography, she received the Barrett & Coe Photography Prize in 2013 and has gone on to work for other clients such as Ellie, Semi-Permanent and ACCLAIM Magazine. She specializes in grittier, sultry imagery of women in provocative poses.

Neryl Walker: Know your product

Erotica // Thursday, August 07, 2014
Neryl Walker is an illustrator who loves to draw women. Armed with a degree in Graphic Design, she followed her passion for drawing and painting. Her strong, playful women can be foudn on Bare Escentuals and Bloom Cosmetics and she has made her mark inadvertising and publishing in the US, UK, Europe, Japan and Australia. Her work has been incldued in Luerzer's Archive top 200 illustrators.   

The Gorgeous, Provocative and Bizarre

Erotica // Wednesday, August 06, 2014
The photographic work of Berlin based photographer Evelyn Bencicova is every part stark and seductive, with twists on conceptually questionable compositions that we can't help but be attracted to. Its in these minimal and mysterious narratives that she creates that we some how find ourselves drawn her smooth, bizarrely dewy hues skin tones and anonymous portraiture. 

Perverse Foil at Marcas Contemporary Art

Erotica // Wednesday, August 06, 2014
Opening August 2 at Marcas Contemporary Art in Santa Ana, “Perverse Foil” is a rare collaboration between two artists building creative momentum and hitting the top of their stride. In this exhibition, painter Dan Quintana and photographer Karen Hsiao are working together and blending their respective mediums to evoke complex life themes through symbolic expressions of dark truths.  

My Mother Caught Me Doodling

Erotica // Wednesday, August 06, 2014
My Mother Caught Me Doodling is a new-catalogued adventure into the always awe-inspiring naked female form by prolific daydreamer Mike Perry. As you journey through this book you will see Mike experimenting with a variety of media and conceptual commodities as he undresses the woman with bright colors and spontaneous energy...

Dustin Bennett's Beekeeper-Inspired Erotica

Erotica // Tuesday, August 05, 2014
Dustin Bennett is a San Francisco-based photographer and illustrator. This photoseries inspired by bees and beekeepers explores the darker fringes of the insect world, combining the eroticism of the female body with beekeeping accoutrements. Bennett manages to transform utilitarian objects into props with undertones of bondage and masochism, giving an edgy feel to these shots. These photos definitely have a sting to them.

Opiette's Body

Erotica // Tuesday, August 05, 2014
Opiette is a photographer and a model whose photography allows her to creatively explore her own sexuality. Through the medium of film she deconstructs boundaries regarding privacy, intimacy and cultural expectations about personal dignity. Some photos are self portraiture and others are taken by her partner. We find these works stark and expressive, full of bravery and a raw sense of unburdening the self.

REEG: "Self-Suck"

Erotica // Tuesday, August 05, 2014
British artist Ray Edwards AKA "REEG" presents a series of drawins reminiscent of 2D animations featuring candy-colored haird girls sucking their own toes. Edward's illsutrations are both classically cheeky and sexually provocative, a combination that delights the inner child as much as the seasoned adult. Pure, clean fun-- maybe not totally clean, but who wants totally clean?

Gritty Sexuality from Bom.K

Erotica // Tuesday, August 05, 2014
Born in Paris in the 70's, Bom.K discovered graffiti during his youth in the suburbs, then formed the Da Mental Vaporz crew in 1999 which continues to push the esthetical boundaries of graffiti to this day. Bom.K's singularly virtuosic grasp on the spraycan as a tool for wicked, grounded rendering has served him well. These works represent some of his erotic oeuvre, presenting the body in a gruesome and twisted vision reminiscent of artists like Wayshak and Jhonen Vasquez. Beautiful, bizarre work.  

Recent Works from Chelsea Brown

Erotica // Monday, August 04, 2014
Artist and illustrator Chelsea Brown has previously worked with color but seems to have an affinity for the depth and purity she can create simply using black and white. Her latest works from 2014 are inspired by all things heroic, legendary, supernatural and womanly...


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