The Twisted Reality of JoKa

Erotica // Monday, March 25, 2013
Based out of Philadelphia, JoKa's humorous and often unsettling acrylic paintings represent a pastiche of influences and symbolism, consisting of multiple layers of meaning that oscillate between the patently absurd and the deadly serious. His work skews and distorts the human body, obscuring faces to an almost depersonalizing degree, yet retaining a sense of surreal familiarity deeply rooted in the pop culture nostalgia of the collective unconscious. 

Fanny Francois by David Bellemere

Erotica // Monday, March 25, 2013
The exquisite Fanny Francois models for international fashion photographer David Bellemere in this simple and sensual photo shoot for Treats! Magazine. Although Bellemere, a native of France, is somewhat of an elusive figure, his expressive talent is recognized across the world of nude and glamor photography, his editorials having appeared in Treats!, Vogue Paris, Muse Magazine, and many more.

Ashley Smith by Ellen von Unwerth in 'Ride It'

Erotica // Sunday, March 24, 2013
Legendary photographer Ellen von Unwerth amazes even more with this fun version of "pony play" video, starring Ashly Smith. "I chose Ashley for the role because next to being gorgeous and sexy, she is also powerful. I wanted to show her as a strong woman who has fun with her pony boys". Showcasing more provocative work, Ellen shot the video in conjunction with the Galore magazine spread, Goodbye Horses... 

Valerie van der Graaf does Dolly Parton

Erotica // Saturday, March 23, 2013
    Valerie van der Graaf does a fun, sexy portrayal of Dolly Parton in the "Heart Breaker" editorial shot by Ellen von Unwerth for Lovecat Magazine #4, "Women Who Rock." She captures perfectly Parton's glitzy southern-pop belle aesthetic.   

Thomas Klementsson for Contributor Magazine

Erotica // Friday, March 22, 2013
The third issue of Contributor Magazine reveals Thomas Klementsson's sci-fi inspired shots of Swedish model Frida Gustavsson. Frida transforms into a dominatrix, inspired by the comic book hero Tank Girl, showing off her naughty side wearing designs by Kenzo, Ann Demeulemeester and Calvin Klein. Stylist Christopher Isulander gives the model sassy ness...   

"Bardot meets Barbarella" by Klaas Jan Kliphuis

Erotica // Friday, March 22, 2013
In the June edition of Avantgarde Magazine Klaas Jan Kliphuis shoots Dutch model, Valerier van der Graaf. The photo shoot has an essence of 70's fashion and neutral, warm tones. Always capturing the glamorous side of models, Klaas Jan Kliphuis creates a sensual aura around Valerier. The perfectly picked environment compliments...   

Abby Brothers by Michael Donovan

Erotica // Friday, March 22, 2013
For the fifth issue of Smug Magazine, model Abby Brother and fashion photographer Michael Donovan team up to create a vintage, Americana shoot. Within the grainy photographs, stylist Priscilla Polley perfectly accessorized Abby with bold, brass belt buckles, cowboy hats and American flag bras. Abby Brothers never looked better as Michael captured the raw subject matter...   

'A Naughty Fairytale' by Ellen Von Unwerth

Erotica // Friday, March 22, 2013
The brilliant fashion photographer, Ellen Von Unwerth has collaborated with Vs magazine to create a playful and cheeky photo shoot. In the Victorian-inspired theme, model Dioni Tabbers plays the naughty princess accompanied by Julia Oleynik and Alice Aufrey. Well known for her storytelling photos with strong, sexy women, Ellen Von Unwerth loves the risque side of her photographs...     

Zlatimir Arakliev's 'Creature'

Erotica // Thursday, March 21, 2013
  In 'Creature,' an editorial shot for GIA magazine, Zlatimir Arakliev fuses sinister and sexy, capturing a beautiful model with some rather monstrous attributes. Arakliev is a freelance photographer and creative director based in Sofia, Bulgaria whose interests lie in fashion, advertising and conceptual photography.

The Enchanting World of Jennybird Alcantara

Erotica // Thursday, March 21, 2013
  'Jennybird Alcantara's work explores mystery, transformation and the sacred. Existing between a waking and dream state, the archetypal anthropomorphic, is nature, fable and divinity Exemplified. Taking inspiration from the symbol rich mythological and religious works of the Renaissance as well as classic fairy tales and day dreams these works attempt to weave together a landscape where newly discovered heroines and martyrs are explored, canonized and exalted...'  


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