Miranda Kerr's Bad Education

Erotica // Saturday, April 13, 2013
Miranda Kerr dons high socks and highly saturated nun's dress in "La Mauvaise Education," or "The Bad Education," a photoseries dedicated to that age-long fantasy about your biology teacher and her desk. Photographed by Greg Kadel and styled by Patti Wilson, Kerr exudes a the dissonant sexiness that comes from the authority-student taboo.

Lifeless Beauty by Craig McDean

Erotica // Friday, April 12, 2013
Photographer Craig McDean grew up in Northern England wanting to be a motocross Pro, not succeeding he began to photograph bands in his early 20's. Gaining success in Japan shooting 4,000 rolls of film of the sumo wrestling world, his shots finally made it into The Face magazine. McDean started shooting for Vogue in 1995, capturing timeless moments of Kate Moss, advertising for Gucci, Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent. Now the classic photographer has created bizarrely beautiful photographs of Megan Fox as she interacts with her mannequin self.   

Primal Scream Music Video – "2013"

Erotica // Friday, April 12, 2013
It's been five years since Primal Scream released their mix reviewed album in 2008. Now with a new bassist and a controversial video for the new single '2013', Primal Scream is creating talk with viewers giving different interpretations of the fetish video...  

Tatiana Suarez and Her Surreal Sirens

Erotica // Friday, April 12, 2013
Born in 1983, Tatiana Suarez is a Brooklyn-based Miami native. Her charming and distinctive style encapsulates a bewitching and surreal world, rich with symbols that stem from her Brazilian and El Salvadorian heritage. Appearing as if frozen underwater in lovely stillness, Suarez's doe-eyed figures are childlike yet brimming with sexuality, their beauty presented concurrently with exotic, even creepy, flora and fauna to create enchanted narratives.

Paw Prints by Carlos Nunez

Erotica // Friday, April 12, 2013
Carlos Nunez is a young American fashion photographer with an admitted penchant for girls in short shorts, baseball caps, and ripped, revealing denim jackets. "But," says Nunez, beyond the smaller superficial details, "I would say I really like (a) woman who has presence, the woman (who) can silence a room when they walk in. A lot of the time it's not the way they look, it's their personality that just sucks you in."

Anja Rubik: Demon, Succubus, Satyr

Erotica // Thursday, April 11, 2013
Sofia Sanches and Mauro Mongiello shoot Anja Rubik in this devilishly hot editorial for the March 2009 issue of Numero. Steeped in tones of red and orange and wielding a waxy red flame, Rubik becomes demon, succubus and satyr. Channeling possession and demonic dances, Rubik presents broken poses that capture strong, acute shapes. Her styling supports this sexy, high fashion version of the mythical hell-woman, boasting furs and silks of indulgent luster. If this is what hell looks like, who'd ever want to go to heaven?  

'Somnambulist' by Chris Leung

Erotica // Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Chris Leung works with haunting, otherworldy projects to create visions of a kind of dream-world. He projects images of the model onto walls and surfaces around the actual model, lending an unreal kind of doubling to the photographs. The title of the photoseries, "Somnambulist," evokes the feeling of sleepwalking and the visual warping that occurs with sleep deprivation. These photos are a sexy and strange tribute to this affliction of the mind and body, something most of us are disturbingly familiar with.  

Ren Hang Photography

Erotica // Thursday, April 11, 2013
Ren Hang's photographs are provocative and awesomely weird. He works and lives in Beijing, and he won the third TERNA Italy prize in 2011. Hang examines the strange interactions of the body, juxtaposing flowers and nude limbs in absurdly-cropped compositions to highlight the negative space that develops between people. Splashes of red strawberries or flowers often punctuate these photos, making them pieces of graphic design as well as photographs. Ren Hang's work addresses the absurdity of the human and the form it inhabits.   

Bart Hess: "Heart to Mouth"

Erotica // Wednesday, April 10, 2013
In this video, Bart Hess has dreamed up a marvelously weird and rubbery take on love. Two women in flesh-toned bustiers embrace via two massive, bulbous red yoga balls over their heads. Their slow embraces are amplified to an absurd level, reminiscent of Bjork's "All is Full of Love" robo-makeout music video. This is visual metaphor at its best and most playful--we will never look at a yoga ball the same way. Bart Hess is a creative wunderkind, serving up a disturbing and wonderful two minutes of some of the strangest stuff we've ever seen, and we want to watch it over and over.   

Haley Hills Photography

Erotica // Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Haley Hills' photos have a humble feel to them, portraits that are honest and sometimes haunting. She has a great talent for light and composition, capturing her model in scenes that feel supernatural or even voyeuristic. She uses the sheet to attract the eye and lend a sense of the otherworldly to these photos, evoking ghosts and angels.   


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