Olivia's Pin Ups

Erotica // Tuesday, April 09, 2013
We make no secret of our deep and everlasting love for artist Olivia de Berardinis' classic Pin Ups. Her sensual and downright adorable ladies have made an appearance or two here before, and we figure it's time to refresh your visual memory banks with some Pin Up goodness à la Olivia.

Miranda Kerr by David Slijper

Erotica // Monday, April 08, 2013
Born in the countryside of Yorkshire, England. David Slijper's life has changed dramatically as he's become a sawed after photographer in the fashion and celebrity world. Now based in New York, Slijper started his career in photography at the age of 25 when he realized a life in economics wasn't satisfying his creative side. Shooting for The Sunday Times Magazine, The Observer... 

Provocative Figures by Lisa Yuskavage

Erotica // Monday, April 08, 2013
Lisa Yuskavage is well known for her big-breasted, wide-hipped pastel women. Innocent looking with both a childlike wonder and a sexual desire, Yuskavage places her figures in lush, mystical and sometimes abstract surroundings...   

"Pin Me Up, Pin Me Down" by Willy Vanderperre

Erotica // Sunday, April 07, 2013
Willy Vanderperre twists the classic pin-up style and transforms it into an exciting, fresh and powerful editorial for the new issue of V Magazine. "...For me the medium of photography was more interesting. I was more excited, to go about finding images, cutting out images, taking pictures... Creating the world around it, than the actual design of fashion itself."...

Classic Beauty by James White

Erotica // Saturday, April 06, 2013
After graduating from the Art Institute of Chicago James White moved his career over to fashion photography, launching his career into celebrity portraiture.  Creating intriguing images with beautiful lighting and seductive angles. Gracing his work in Glamor, GQ, Vanity Fair...

The Sexy Art of "Druuna"

Erotica // Thursday, April 04, 2013
Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri is an Italian cartoonist whose impossibly sexy cartoon character "Druuna" is the focus of hundreds of his provocative drawings. The erotic science fiction and fantasy book revolves around a post-apocalyptic future, and th eplot is often a vehicle for varied scenes of hardcore port and softcore sexual imagery. Every artist uses their talent in different ways--Serpieri's "way" is very definite! We have to admit, he's a master at what he does, and Druuna puts a whole new twist on loving one's craft.   

Konstantin Somov's Voyeuristic Paintings

Erotica // Thursday, April 04, 2013
Russian painter Konstantin Somov has an impressive collection of homoerotic studies of voluptuous Russian men. While his more public works depict portraits, landscapes and illustrations, these works reveal a much more private, personal realm of the painter's life and interests. These paintings are sensitive and sensuous, lending a sense of voyeur to a detailed illustrative style.   

Natalia Vodianova in Black and White

Erotica // Thursday, April 04, 2013
Hedi Slimane captures the natural beauty of Russian model Natalia Vodianova in a black-and-white photoshoot that expresses both the sexiness and vulnerability of youth. Slimane brings out the model's lovely, tentative attitude with poise and delicacy, creating a series that engages the viewer and holds their gaze. These photos refresh the traditional black-and-white photo.  

Marthe Jung's Deviant Experience

Erotica // Thursday, April 04, 2013
Marthe Jung illustrates weird, provocative scenes of colorful debauchery. Her characters all seem from some half-alien world, moving through strange landscapes and interacting with other creature-people. This particular intricate scene depicts a many-layered strip club cut away, revealing all the debauchery occuring in each corner within. Jung's inspired handling of color and shape give the strip-club experience an entirely new illustrative perspective that's hard to look away from for different reasons.   

Rankin Photography

Erotica // Wednesday, April 03, 2013
  Rankin's name is synonymous with compelling portraiture. He made his name in publishing, founding the seminal monthly magazine Dazed & Confused in 1992. Rankin's lens captures, creates and unveils icons, as is evident in these stunning images of Kate Moss, Heidi Klum and more. His images are playful, provocative and inimitably fresh, and they've become part of contemporary iconography as a result. Rankin has shot pretty much everyone that matters.    


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