William Copley's Erotic Art

Erotica // Thursday, May 02, 2013
William Copley, also known as "CPLY," is a self-proclaimed painter, writer, gallerist, collector, patron, publisher and art entrepeneur. Copley's friend John Ployardt introduced Copley to Surrealist painting. The two traveled together to Mexico and New York to look at art and submerge themselves in Surrealist ideas, then the two hatched a plan to open a gallery to exhibit Surrealist art in LA. Copley came into contact with Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp and many other influential artists. His graphic paintings depict scenes of erotica in a cartoon-influenced style.  

Peter Fendi's Acrobatic Erotica

Erotica // Thursday, May 02, 2013
Peter Fendi was an Austrian painter, engraver and lithographer who got his kicks making watercolors and lithographs of fancifully explicit sex scenes. Fendi was a child prodigy and was accepted into the St. Anne's Academy of Fine Art in Austria when he was 13, then went on to create these explicit and wonderfully weird artworks. Art historians are unsure whether Fendi himself actually did these paintings, but in any case they're worth looking through, if not for the artistic value than for the impressive feats these characters perform during intercourse.  

Anthony Christian's "Crucifixion of the Female Principal"

Erotica // Thursday, May 02, 2013
Anthony Christian's colossal painting "The Crucifixion of the Female Principle" depicts a woman levitating above fields, flanked by a population of nude women languishing in the clouds. This eroticized take on Renaissance paintings transforms the religious into a study of the body and female form in an elevated vision of this commodified pose. The roses set in place of blood where the nails bound Christ to the cross indicate a sense of voluptuousness in the place of violence. This painting replaces religious iconography with the erotic and the female, producing commentary on the image of the female in our artistic culture.   

Doug John's Sculptures Genitalia

Erotica // Thursday, May 02, 2013
Doug Johns is a sculptor whose work consists or bronze casts of genitalia. Though his pieces may range from the surreal to they hyper-real it is always erotic in nature. Johns is a master mold-maker and he has worked in fiberglass, polyester resin, wood, bronze, hydrostone or stonium with pearlescent translucent finishes, semi-precious stones, sterling silver and gold. These works are bold and imposing, giving new meaning to the word "hard."  

Violence and Sex: Kristians Brekte

Erotica // Wednesday, May 01, 2013
Everything about Kristians Brekte is provocative. A Latvian illustrator whose latest show depicts skull-faced girls engaged in explicit and often violent sexual activity, Brekte is unafraid to paint what will make people want to look away-- or, alternatively, they won't be able to look away at all. Brekte's website depicts the words "If you're reading this, after 1 minute you'll die" and "I'll wear your face like a mask." The violent, liquid effect of his paint is evocative of a variety of human fluids, and if you think these images are graphic you should check out his website. We absolutely love the in-your-face quality of Brekte's work and his persona.  

George Petty's Pinups for Every Month

Erotica // Wednesday, May 01, 2013
George Petty was one of the top "cheesecake" illustrators of the 30s and 40s, known for his undeniably charming and sexy pinup illustrations and their irresistible white-toothed grins. His career began with a series of cartoons featuring beautiful girls and their far-from-handsome beaus. His work earned him the term "Petty Girls" to describe these carefully airbrushed characters and their brilliant smiles and sexy poses. These drawings are undeniably kitschy and beautiful, capturing a kind of nostalgia no one else quite can.   

Masami Teraoka's Renaissance Remasterings

Erotica // Wednesday, May 01, 2013
Masami Teraoka puts Renaissance painting and Japanese influence into violent contact with contemporary political issues in these expansive, turbulent compositions. In his career he has painted about issues from gay marriage, TV talk shows, priest's confessions, censorship, invasion of privacy, gender, sexual preference, religious discrimination, the impeachment trial, Viagra and AIDS to air and toxic shock syndrome. His work encompasses a massive variety of subject matter and political thrust. Teraoka uses the style and figures of Renaissance paintings as receptacles through which to evoke these messages, creating stunning and intensely provocative commentaries on the issues that continue to affect our communities.   

"Just Bone Me"

Erotica // Wednesday, May 01, 2013
This assumingly vintage illustration entitled "Just Bone Me" has caught the eye of our erotica department for its punny handling of the dirty deed. Depicting skeletons having sex in different positions while scattered amongst gravestones, this drawing is a charming imagining of what goes on after our bodies leave us. We'd like to see this either framed on our wall or on a t-shirt immediately.  

Kat Clark in the Summer Heat

Erotica // Tuesday, April 30, 2013
Fabiola Zamora shoots Kat Clark for 192 Magazine in heavy, luscious colors that evoke the hot summer air. Zamora plays with the saturation of her photos to enhance the atmospheric weight of these images, and Kat Clark seems almost to be floating in realms of purples and oranges as she languishes. These photos are gorgeous and sexy, fantastic eye candy for the approaching summer.  

Secret Sexy Lives of Superheroes

Erotica // Tuesday, April 30, 2013
Artist Greg Guillemin exposes superheroe's daily lives in a series aptly titled 'The Secret Life of Superheroes." Featuring some of our favorite heroes from the Marvel and DC universes, these illustrations take us backstage behind the latex and spandex. Bright, bold and provocative, Guillemin proves that even superheroes aren't immune to the draws of everyday vices--similarly, superheroes need to get their kicks too. They might all have bangin' bodies but that doesn't mean they don't stuff their bras or use sex toys every now and then.  


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