Lizette by Sugar Los Angeles

Erotica // Thursday, July 11, 2013
Sugar Los Angeles captures some sensual black and white shots of model Lizette Sanchez in this shoot for C-Heads Magazine. Sugar Los Angeles' mission statement is as follows: 'These are regular people. Most of them work normal jobs just like the rest of us. Coffee shops, restaurants, teachers, etc. Beauty is everywhere. It’s our job to find it. Our goal is a simple one, create beautiful images. We focus on the person, not the camera. We dont retouch a single photograph. And sometimes we shoot in the dark. We like it that way.'

'Bathtub' by Katja Sonnewend

Erotica // Thursday, July 11, 2013
German photographer Katja Sonnewend's “Bathtub” is a self-portrait series shot in natural light in the bathroom of her apartment. 'In my mind polaroid photography is a sort of ritual. I think that our society celebrates the moment less and less.' Sonnewend is based in Berlin.  

Tom Wesselmann's Pop Art Nudes

Erotica // Thursday, July 11, 2013
'Tom Wesselmann was one of the leading American Pop artists of the 1960s, rejecting abstract expressionism in favor of the classical representations of the nude, still life, and landscape. He created collages and assemblages incorporating everyday objects and advertising ephemera in an effort to make images as powerful as the abstract expressionism he admired. He is perhaps best known for his Great American Nude series with their flat forms and intense colors.

Nil Ultra's Bunch of Dicks

Erotica // Thursday, July 11, 2013
Nil Ultra (Jason Moore) is a Los Angeles based artist and designer. His detail-oriented illustrative work shows a flair for blasphemy, the gruesome, and lots and lots of dicks.

Babe Blast

Erotica // Wednesday, July 10, 2013
Every now and then the department just needs to unload a huge post of babes on you guys. These ones come from a blog of Very Special Porn, which is exactly what it is purported to be. This post needs no further explanation. Prepare to be on blast.

Xavier Veilhan and the Human Geometry

Erotica // Wednesday, July 10, 2013
Xavier Veilhan uses three-dimensional scanning technology to represent the form and volume of human beings. The pieces are intentionally called "statues," a term that has fallen out of use within contemporary art production insofar as the monumentalisation of human beings in the form of statues has become almost obsolete. The statues are renderings of people in the artist's proximity, done with varying degrees of finish in materials such as ebony, silver, polyeurethane and polystyrene. Well aware of the ambiguity of the exhibition as form, Veilhan has integrated its discourse into his artistic practice. 

Nude Coming Through a Wall

Erotica // Wednesday, July 10, 2013
Carole A. Feuerman's "Nude Coming Through a Wall" imagines the ubiquitous nude in a startlingly tangible incarnation--an upright sculpture of a woman literally emerging from a flat plane. This 3D rendering of the common trope brings it into a fun new contemporary light; unless it reminds you more of Han Solo than "Nude Descending a Staircase," in which case this piece might be a little more anxiety-inducing than you'd like.

Ronnie Ray Mendez and the Hybrid Form

Erotica // Wednesday, July 10, 2013
Ronnie Ray Mendez is a visual artist indigenous to Southern California. A purveyor of Aestheticism, Romanticism and Symbolism, he fuses the human and animal form, illustrating the fine line we walk between reeason and raw emotion. OCD being a prerequisite for this Ronnie, he employs the complex and classical technique of stippling with cross-hatching, giving rise to a new renaissance reflecting natural cooperation. His symbols, settings and characters not only speak of his emotions, dreams and experiences but of cultural distortions and the human condition at large.   

Hellen van Meene's "Untitled #366"

Erotica // Tuesday, July 09, 2013
This lovely portrait proves that erotica isn't all about perfectly-bronzed, blond-haired babes arching their backs in cutoffs on a Brazilian Beach. Hellen van Meene's "Untitled #366" (2010) captures the arresting sexiness of a wide-eyed girl who is far from--and happily so--this perky paradigm. 

(Don't) Stop This Madness

Erotica // Tuesday, July 09, 2013
This raw, yellow-drenched video is ridiculously hot and definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Two gorgeous women in panties and wife beaters plus bottle of champagne? There's not much more to say, and odds are you're gonna find yourself speechless anyway. Produced by Said Energizer, "Stop This Madness" will have you asking for anything but that.


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