Takato Yamamoto's "Heisei Estheticism"

Erotica // Wednesday, August 14, 2013
Takato Yamamoto's artwork is the brilliant, heavy-lidded daughter of illustration, sex and violence. Yamamoto's lush linework and exacting compositions depict young asian women in serene moments studded with darker narrative punchlines. Scenes of bondage and violence bleed slowly into the image as you look longer, yet Yamamoto never depicts any acts of violence--it is either impending or just completed. Yamamoto invented this style called "Heisei Estheticism," meant for fantasy, sensual and period novels that explore similar themes of darkness, metamorphosis, love and death. 

Matthew the Horse

Erotica // Wednesday, August 14, 2013
Matthew the Horse is an illustrator whose signature usage of an angled pen or brush gives all of his work a strange, slanted feel, bringing them into a world of cluttered limbs and slipping consciousness. His erotic work is subdued and anxious, focusing in on the clumsiness of body parts rather than glorifying them. Matthew has illustrated for the New York Times, The Guardian, Converse, Nobrow, Anorak and Computer Arts, to name a few.

Scenes from a Sex Doll Factory

Erotica // Wednesday, August 14, 2013
These oddly visceral photos from a sex doll factory in San Marcos, California were taken by Zackary Canepari for a film he is co-directing with Dream Cooper. We find the attention to detail particularly disturbing. 

Porn Sex vs. Real Sex Explained With Food

Erotica // Tuesday, August 13, 2013
This amazing informational video illustrates the differences between porn sex and real sex by using food as an analogy. Using zucchinis, cilantro, nutella, hot dogs, various sliced fruits and a lightly-bondaged chicken, this video makes use of everyday accoutrements to demonstrate the difference between pornland and our own bedrooms. The result is a hilariously intelligent bit of sex-education, we'd recommend it to (almost) all age groups, especially if your own midnight romps aren't living up to the glamour of the waxed-up video world. Also, just listen to her say "hot load" a few times.

Damian Daly's Fractured Sensuality

Erotica // Tuesday, August 13, 2013
Damian Daly's work draws from the fashion and symbolism of various cultures, yet he slashes them up and presents them in fractured, broken poses like great fleshy cyborgs, beautiful and incomplete. After surfacing often in our illustration department we thought it was time to bring it over to erotica where we can appreciate the subtle sensuality of Daly's figures; the intricate intensity of their anatomy.

Casey Weldon's "Playmates"

Erotica // Tuesday, August 13, 2013
A Jux favorite, Casey Weldon is known for his masterful execution of bizarre concepts, often punny in nature. These erotic interpretations of Playmobil toys are both awesome and disturbing-- they arouse childhood nostalgia as well as other things. The pieces were displayed at Spoke Art in SF.

The Art of Fernanda Suarez

Erotica // Tuesday, August 13, 2013
Fernanda Suarez's artwork has a dark, fantastical feel studded with erotic electricity. Suarez is a 23-year-old illustrator working mainly in digital mediums. Her work focuses in on imagined female characters, buzzing with the atmosphere of sorceresses and fairytales. A great addition to our erotica department.

Nothing But Diamonds

Erotica // Monday, August 12, 2013
Diamonds really can be a girl's best friend, or maybe her best naked accessory. Take for instance this steamy and luxurious photoshoot from photographer Gilles-Marie Zimmermann for Numéro china, featuring the alluring Elena Melnik decked out in extravagant jewels clinging against her bare skin.  Simple, expressive, and sensual, this diamond-laden pictorial radiates the power, beauty, and opulence inherent in the clear blue gemstone and the glamorous lifestyle it represents.

Mia Desu's Zodiac

Erotica // Monday, August 12, 2013
Which sexy star sign are you? We're loving this sensual zodiac series by 27 year-old artist Amanda Shallal, aka Mia Desu, taking her own erotic spin on the ancient science and giving us a great start to the week. 

The Hanky Codes

Erotica // Sunday, August 11, 2013
The handkerchief code (also known as the hanky code, the bandana code, and flagging) is a color-coded system, employed usually among the gay male casual-sex seekers or BDSM practitioners in the leather subculture in the United States, Canada, and Europe, to indicate preferred sexual fetishes, what kind of sex they are seeking, and whether they are a top/dominant or bottom/submissive...  


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