Claudia Candea's Visceral Art

Erotica // Friday, September 05, 2014
Romanian Artist Claudiu Candea creates seemingly normal figure drawings that are then dissected away to reveal underlying anatomy. His drawings are almost photographic, capturing intimate moments that are then made deeper by the exposed physiognomy. Splashes of color highlight the stripped-away areas, adding fields of visual energy to these visceral illustrations.

Vienna Feature: Gustav Klimt

Erotica // Thursday, September 04, 2014
“Klimt was exceptionally animal-like. His body exuded a peculiar odor. As a woman, one was really afraid of him.” This is a quote from Hilde Roth, one of the models that was prone to hanging about Gustav's studio in packs. The artist we all know best for gorgeous, gilded paintings like "The Kiss" was also very frank in his eroticism...

Vienna Feature: Kolomon Moser

Erotica // Thursday, September 04, 2014
Kolomon Moser was born in Vienna and studied at the Wiener Akademie and the Kunstgewerbeschule, where he also taught as a professor later in his life. While Moser designed architecture, furniture, jewelry and graphics, his paintings and drawings are most well known for their lines and repetitive motifs of classical design. If you walk around Vienna for long enough...

Vienna Feature: Franz Von Bayros

Erotica // Thursday, September 04, 2014
Franz von Bayros, born in 1866, was a commercial artist, illustrator and painter from Austria. He was best known for his controversial Tales at the Dressing Table portfolio, a virtuosic yet wildly provocative collection of erotic images that still strike us as bizarre and even unnatural despite having been created a century ago...

Vienna Feature: Egon Schiele

Erotica // Thursday, September 04, 2014
Egon Schiele is one of Austria’s best-known artists, beloved amongst art historians and students alike for his provocative content and brutally expressive style. As a favorite protégé of Gustav Klimt, it was thought that Schiele would go on to be his successor were it not for Schiele’s untimely death at the age of 28...

Mia Bergeron & Sergio Lopez 'Vanishing Boundaries'

Erotica // Thursday, September 04, 2014
'I have been working diligently for months on paintings for a show that I consider one to be of the most important shows in my career yet. I will be showing alongside Mia Bergeron for a two-person figurative show in Charleston at the Robert Lange Studios gallery. Mia Bergeron is one of my favorite portrait painters out there right now, so to be able to show alongside her (and maybe steal some of her clientele ;) ) is such a huge deal to me...

Dan Savage's Hump Tour

Erotica // Wednesday, September 03, 2014
Since 2005 the HUMP! Film Festival has challenged ordinary people from all over the Pacific Northwest to become temporary, weekend porn stars-by making their very own five-minute dirty movies for a chance to win big cash prizes! And they did not disappoint! The resulting short films run the gamut of sexual styles: straight, gay, lesbian, transgender... every color in the sexual rainbow... 

Dale Keogh: Sex and the Sea

Erotica // Wednesday, September 03, 2014
Dale Keogh mixes his dark erotic horror with prismacolor pencil, ink, airbrush and graphite. He is attracted to insects and sea creatures, in combination with the female anatomy, a cross of  things that both repulse and attract. 'I like the tentacles of the squid, the slime of slugs and snails, the cute/ugliness of crabs and their pinchy ways…'

The Work of Catherine Brooks

Erotica // Wednesday, September 03, 2014
Driven by  her lust for adventure and a passion for creating, Catherine has devoted her life to collecting stories and experiences. Drawn to moments and places as if having been called by a terrible serendipity, she spent just this last year, on a 10,000 mile cross country tour by motorcycle, canoe, and finally tall bike...

Gesine Marwedel's Bodypaintings

Erotica // Tuesday, September 02, 2014
Using the human body as her canvas, artist Gesine Marwedel creates amazing works of body art that will have you staring in awe. The artist draws upon the shape of a person's twisted body, head, and limbs to produce intricate optical illusions that appear to be landscapes, animals, and all sorts of elaborate designs...  


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