Illustrations by Emilio Santoyo

Illustration // Tuesday, April 09, 2013
Emilio Santoyo lives and works in Los Angeles, California as a freelance illustrator and designer. A 2007 graduate of Art Center College of Design, the work Santoyo produces comes from a combination of a well-trained hand and a sense of childlike glee, which is evident in the simple, rhythmic shapes and vibrant colors of his images. He is inspired by animation, junkyards, movies, and the joys and events of life.

Emilio Santoyo

Illustration // Tuesday, October 11, 2011
Emilio Santoyo is an illustrator based out of Los Angeles who likes to keep it fresh. At any given moment, Emilio may be doing a limitless amount of tasks. He can be working on a weekly comic for a newspaper, a magazine, a book, new products for his online store, eating quesedillas, or making sketches for a new installation. Big ups lil buddy x


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