Throwback: Wish by Dream

Graffiti // Friday, November 13, 2015
In the Bay Area in 1993, the legendary graffiti writer, Dream, painted this burner that says Wish and nothing more.

Two Kings

Graffiti // Tuesday, September 02, 2014
Oil and Dream are two kings who continue to have street presence even today with the help of all their friends.

Classic Dream Piece

Graffiti // Thursday, October 03, 2013
As if you didn’t already know that Dream dropped some of the illest pieces ever two decades ago!


Graffiti // Monday, February 04, 2013
This piece was and always will be one of those jaw dropping reminders of the infamous graffiti writer, Dream’s legacy. You can still see it off the freeway today and it still shines bright after all these years.


Graffiti // Friday, November 30, 2012
Every Friday we feature someone old or new, traditional or unconventional, active or not, and so on. This week’s spotlight is on Dream.

Mike "DREAM" Francisco interview 1993

Graffiti // Thursday, December 01, 2011
Mike Francisco (1969-2000), known by his graffiti name Dream, was a true pioneer in the Bay Area graffiti scene and beyond.  Dream believed that there was power in the message, a mental liberation in writing, and continually focused on issues of police brutality, national liberation, racism, and rebellion. We stumbled on this video of a young Dream being interviewed at  "No Justice, No Peace" art show opening in Oakland.  A charismatic character that remains influential in style and innovation.

Dream but Never....

Graffiti // Tuesday, August 09, 2011
New Dream tribute by Los Angeles’s Trixter.  

DREAM: August 3, 1964—May 28, 2011

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, May 31, 2011
As written by fellow graffiti artist, and friend, RISK: "DREAM was the epitome of everything I stand for; we shared the motto, 'On to the next, burn to the last.' He loved all aspects of graffiti, but chose to strip his work down to two colors. He didn’t want anyone to be able to say he hid behind colors or characters. He wanted his pure style to show through—and it did. He was a true king."


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