In Between @ Old Crow Gallery

Street Art // Friday, February 10, 2012
  This Saturday, February 11, 2012 at Old Crow Gallery in Oakland, In Between opens featuring works from local artists Doodles, Feral Child, ATWA, and Jus B Cause. As stated in the press release,"When working together the work speaks of the future, reminding the viewer of our place within worldly folklore. Dream sequences of possibility, driven in self-discovery each artist is pushing life forward within mixed media offerings.  By employing native and primitive drawing aesthetics', they create a visual enema that re investigates mankind, the world's animal kingdom and universe itself.”  Sounds intriguing to us.  Go!

Doodles @ FlatColor Gallery

Street Art // Wednesday, January 04, 2012
Tomorrow night, January 5th, Nick Mann, aka Doodles will be showing new work at FlatColor Gallery in Seattle, Wa.  Show runs from 5 -9 p.m. Go!

Trail Of Golden Tears

Street Art // Monday, December 05, 2011
Oakland-based artist, Doodles painted this surreal mural in the summer while traveling though Decatur, Georgia.  The artists spent most of the summer wandering the country collecting rare crystals for an installation show in the future.

Doodles to Make a Portrait by Sagaki Keita

Juxtapoz // Saturday, November 12, 2011
We have shown the work of Sagaki Keita before, but his new series of doodles organized to create one large portrait are truly incredible. You have to look at the details to really understand how these images are constructed. He has done 12 of these this year, which seems quite impressive because these appear to take some kind of time to finish.

New Doodles Murals and Crystal Eyes

Street Art // Monday, October 10, 2011
Oakland-based artist, Doodles painted the following 2 walls for the Living Walls Conference in Albany, Ny.  The artist is currently traveling on the road, working on his Crystal Eyes project, with an intention of educating, healing and inspiring people through a channel of ancient wisdom and magic

Right Side of the Brain

Street Art // Friday, September 02, 2011
Oakland-based street doodler, Doodles recently painted the following in Atlanta, Georgia.

Burnt Out

Street Art // Tuesday, August 23, 2011
Oakland-based artist, Doodles reclaiming and refinishing some damaged property.

2 Doodles Walls

Street Art // Saturday, August 20, 2011
Oakland-based artist, Doodles made his way to Atlanta for the Living Walls Conference and conquered the following two huge walls.

Crystal Eyes

Street Art // Tuesday, July 12, 2011
  Oakland-based muralist, Doodles accompanied by two collaborators is looking for your help to fund a traveling art project.  As the artists state, “Crystal-Eyes is a project that combines ancient wisdom with travel, healing, painting, cinematography, and music. Nick, Alex, and Lawrence will set out on a journey, collecting crystals along the gem trails of these beautiful United States”.  The group has started a Kickstarter page where you can find more information about the project.    

Visionary Quest

Street Art // Monday, June 20, 2011
  Here is a new mural from Oakland-based artists Doodles, Feral, J Bcuz, and ATWA.   Welcome to the mythical, supernatural realm that one can enter when drinking the tap water of “The Town”.  
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