More Shots From IGNITE WHAT'S NEXT in Stumptown

Juxtapoz // Friday, September 21, 2007
Our pal in Stumptown, Arian Stevens, got his own set of really nice photos from the Sparks IGNITE WHAT'S NEXT art tour stop in Portland, OR. They're online here,

Day 11: Exploring Stumptown

Juxtapoz // Thursday, September 20, 2007
Day 11 was another travel day for the artists and crew of the Sparks IGNITE WHAT'S NEXT art tour. As the tour made its way to Portland (AKA, Stumptown) they decided to make a pit stop at a skate park where Saber and Dave Choe kicked back while tour photographer, Jon Dragonette, had a quick skate session. Once in Portland, the crew checked out an army surplus store that provided hours of entertainment. Their next, and final, stop on the West Coast leg of the tour will have artist, N8 Van Dyke, re-joining them in Seattle, WA. The day event starts at 3pm at 35th North at 1100 East Pike Street. The nighttime event will be held at Lo_Fi Performance Gallery located at 429 Eastlake Ave. E and will feature DJs Hideki and Kamui. Click to see recent photos, video and details on the final stop on the Sparks IGNITE WHAT'S NEXT art tour.

Day 10: On the Road Again

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, September 19, 2007
Day 10 of the Sparks IGNITE WHAT'S NEXT art tour has Saber and Dave Choe traveling through the Pacific Northwest on their way to Portland, OR. The downtime gives the artists a chance to work out sketches for upcoming pieces, re-energize, and get a little "me" time. Today at 3pm, Dave Choe and Saber make their next-to-last West Coast stop at the Upper Playground in Portland located at 25 NW 5th Ave. The nighttime event will be held at the Rotture bar on 315 SE 3rd St. and will start at 9pm. After that, it's on to Seattle, WA. Click to see recent photos, video and details on upcoming stops on the Sparks IGNITE WHAT'S NEXT art tour.

Day 9: Last Day in the Bay, the Sparks IGNITE WHAT'S NEXT Art Tour in San Jose

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, September 18, 2007
The Sparks IGNITE WHAT'S NEXT art tour made their last Bay Area stop Sunday, September 16th with a visit to the Workmens boutique in San Jose's Eastridge Mall. The afternoon event brought out a slew of spectators from dedicated fans to unsuspecting mall patrons. The West Coast leg of the national tour is winding down with only two stops left: Portland, OR on Wednesday, September 19th and Seattle, WA on Friday, September 21st. Click for photos from the San Jose event and details on the last two stops on West Coast leg of the Sparks IGNITE WHAT'S NEXT art tour.

Photos: Deth P Sun/Joe Brook/111 Minna

Juxtapoz // Monday, September 17, 2007
Contributing Juxtapoz news writer Brad Martin made his way around San Francisco this past Saturday, September 15th, and brings us a photoblog of his stops at from Deth P. Sun's show The Sand and The Stars at Giant Robot, Joe Brook at Gamma Lab, and the IGNITE WHAT'S NEXT tour stop at 111 Minna, which was also the Juxtapoz Get Exposed event.

Jeff Soto in NYC

Juxtapoz // Monday, September 17, 2007
Photo by George Koroneos Jeff Soto just posted a blog about his well-rounded trip to NYC a couple weeks back; including a visit with David Choe, gallery installation shots, tender moments in the park, dining, young girls, the adorable Jim Houser, a visit to Scion's Beautiful World exhibit, quality time at Max Fish, the Met, getting inked at Invisible, shots from the opening, shots from going out to see AFI (shown), and general romping around New York. Peruse here,

Day 5: A Day At The Beach

Juxtapoz // Friday, September 14, 2007
Dave Choe and Saber decided to hit the beaches of Santa Cruz for a little downtime before heading to Sacramento. After a bit of sand drawing, they made a brief pit-stop at Dave Choe's pad where he shared one of his more controversial household items - a phallic phone - and then took everyone for a spin in his new car. The guys are in Berkeley today with Retna at the brand new Upper Playground store and will be hanging out tonight at Radio Bar in Oakland, starting about 8:30. Tomorrow, Saturday, September 15th, they'll be at the Upper Playground mothership during the day in the Lower Haight, San Francisco and joining Juxtapoz' Get Exposed party at 111 Minna for the night. Click for photos and video of playtime in Santa Cruz and details on the next stops of the Sparks IGNITE WHAT'S NEXT art tour.

Day 4: IGNITE WHAT'S NEXT Stops in Santa Cruz

Juxtapoz // Thursday, September 13, 2007
Day four of the Sparks IGNITE WHAT'S NEXT art tour brought the crew to Santa Cruz to do a live installation at The Krate. This time, Alex Pardee was there to paint with Saber and Dave Choe. Many came out for a chance to watch these guys work and to meet them in person. After a day of travel, the Sparks IGNITE WHAT'S NEXT tour will be in Sacramento Thursday, September 13th with a daytime event at FTC skateboard shop where there will be some cool give-aways, and an evening event at the R15 bar. The give-away there will be a brand new Bianchi Pista fixed gear. Joining Choe and Saber will be painter/illustrator, N8 Van Dyke. Click to see photos and video from the Santa Cruz event and details on upcoming stops on the Sparks IGNITE WHAT'S NEXT art tour.

Day 3: On the Road

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Check out these pics from the road. The guys met some interesting folks including a dude with a parasol and a couple of ladies who liked to play with daggers. Isn't traveling fun? After a day of rest, the Sparks "IGNITE WHAT'S NEXT" art tour will resume on Thursday, September 13th in Sacramento. Click to see photos from the road and details on upcoming stops on the Sparks IGNITE WHAT'S NEXT art tour.

Day 2: Sparks IGNITE WHAT'S NEXT Art Tour Hits LA

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, September 11, 2007
After an amazing first day of live painting in San Diego, at both the Agenda Trade Show and Ole Madrid, the Sparks IGNITE WHAT'S NEXT art tour continued on to Los Angeles. This time, artists Saber, Dave Choe, and Retna, made a stop at Workmen's on Melrose for a day of live installation, autographing books, and even hitting up a signature piece on a couple of willing fans' t-shirts. The evening event was held at Guys Bar on Beverly Blvd where Saber, Choe and Retna did another live installation. The event featured plenty of Sparks as well as live DJ sets by DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill and by DJ Solo. Today they hit up The Krate in Santa Cruz at 3pm (803 Pacific Avenue) and on Thursday, Sept. 13th, look for them in Sacramento at FTC (1006 J Street) at 3pm and at R15 (1431 R Street) at 7:30pm.  


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