Back Talk with Jeff Soto

Juxtapoz // Thursday, June 04, 2009
Jeff Soto (Juxtapoz cover #99) is one of our all time favorite artists. Not only is he a talented painter, but he is also a nice and really down to earth guy.   Soto has been busier than one of those furry mutant butterflies he paints, with a recent museum showing at Riverside Art Museum, a London solo show The Inland Empire on display now at Stolen Space, and (of course) a recent cover story with Juxtapoz for our April issue.   All this exposure left us hungry for more about Jeff. The real Jeff. Get to hear the man talk in our Back Talk feature with Jeff Soto.

"When Worlds Collide:" Chet & James Zar

Juxtapoz // Monday, April 13, 2009
Master of the macabre, Chet Zar, has a new and very unique show coming Saturday, may 16th, 2009 titled When Worlds Collide. Unique because, “it will feature new works by myself and my pops (James Zar),” Chet explains. “It should be a wild show since his visionary/fantasy works are pretty much the opposite of my gloom and doom stuff! Anyway, I am super excited about showing with my dad and the new pieces I am working on are definitely my strongest and most detailed paintings to date.” Looks like talent runs in the family. More info on When Worlds Collide at

Craola Interviewed by Jason Maloney

Juxtapoz // Friday, April 03, 2009
Artists hashing it out with one another always make for interesting listening. Hurley resident artist Jason Maloney (Juxtapoz #70) recently sat down with Greg 'Craola' Simkins (Juxtapoz #74) at his Torrance-based studio in Los Angeles for an in depth one on one interview. During the chat, you hear the two talk about painting, graffiti and the origins of his alter ego, Craola. Oh, and the two kids even complete a collaboration drawing together. Artists will be artists.

Greg "Craola" Simkins on Vimby

Juxtapoz // Monday, March 30, 2009
Greg 'Craola' Simkins (Juxtapoz #74) has been making art ever since he got his sticky lil hands on crayons. At the age of 17, he linked up with a couple friends from high school and stepped into the world of graffiti. Fine art was a natural progression, and his paintings have gone on to be featured in galleries worldwide.   Now Craola straddles many worlds as a father, husband, artist, and overall great dude.   To see more of his work, check out

Welcome Spring with "Fata Morgana: The New Female Fantasists"

Juxtapoz // Friday, March 13, 2009
Dabora Gallery and Phantasmaphile's Pam Grossman usher in the spring season with a group show, Fata Morgana: The New Female Fantasists, opening tomorrow March 14th, on view through April 12th, 2009. The show features fourteen of the most vital and visionary women artists working in the US today, including Carrie Ann Baade, Lori Field, Katy Horan, Tina Imel, Susan Jamison, Karena Karras, Fay Ku, Adela Leibowitz, Rene Lynch, Alexis Mackenzie, Lynda Mahan, Amy Ross, Judith Schaechter, and Madeline von Foerster. In literal terms, a fata morgana is a mirage or illusion, a waking reverie, a shimmering of the mind. Named for the enchantress Morgan le Fay, these tricks of perception conjure up a sense of glimpsing into another world, whether it be the expanses of an ethereal terrain, or the twilit depths of the psyche. The artists of Fata Morgana: The New Female Fantasists deftly utilize the semiotics of mysticism, fantasy, and the subconscious in their work, thereby guiding the viewer through heretofore uncharted realms - alternately shadowy or luminous, but always inventive. Make sure to mark tomorrow, March 14th on your calendar, as the opening reception will go down from 8-11pm with complimentary absinthe, courtesy of La Fée. Art and absinthe? Sounds like a perfect start to spring. More info at  

Mike Shinoda Joins Known Gallery

Juxtapoz // Thursday, March 12, 2009
Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda is the latest member of The Known Gallery, which got its name featuring the incredible talent of The Seventh Letter (Juxtapoz #78) members.  “I spend a lot of time painting and working on the computer to create pieces that capture something about the strange experiences I've had while working and traveling,” says the artist. “In the past few years, I've been able to show my stuff at a number of great galleries, and had the pleasure of collaborating on pieces with SEEN, Gary Baseman, Dalek, Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins, Mr. Hahn, and Jeff McMillan.” Get to know Mike’s artwork now at  

Jeff Soto's "Turning In Circles" Exhibit Closing & Painting Demo

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, March 04, 2009
The ever-busy Jeff Soto has his hugely popular museum show, Turning In Circles at The Riverside Art Museum, extended until Saturday, March 7th, 2009. In honor of his explosive show, Soto will grace the Museum with one last special event: a painting demo. Sweet. “I have one final event at RAM; it is a bit of a late addition,” Soto writes. “I'll be doing an impromptu painting demo this Friday, March 6th. I'll be bringing a few panels to work on and I'll be there to talk and answer questions. This will be a very informal event; basically I'll be sitting in the gallery hanging out and making art.” It goes down from noon to 4pm this Friday at RAM. Do what you have to do to be there because what with Soto consistently working on new paintings and expecting his second baby in a few weeks (“she has an Easter egg belly by now” Soto lovingly tells us), this may just be the last you’ll see of the prolific artist for a bit. That is until you see him on our next cover that is.   

"Pop makes the Pop:" Review of "In The Land of Retinal Delights" Show Catalogue

Juxtapoz // Friday, February 27, 2009
Francesco D'Isa aka Pornpope hit us up for a copy of the show catalogue for In the Land of Retinal Delights and wrote a thorough review on his blog. “At a first peek into the volume, my impression was something like ‘How many great artworks!’; it was exactly what I was looking for, so I was already quite satisfied,” D’Isa writes. “But the book is more than that: there are some interesting introductory texts by Robert Williams, Meg Linton and Bolton Colburn which give the reader a good insight about the subjects. The whole book is something like the definitive consecration of Lowbrow Art as an art movement,” he continues. “Because it is an art movement.” Read the whole review here. And then grab your own copy in our online shop!

Stephan Doitschinoff aka Calma: Book Signing & Film Screening

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, February 25, 2009
The incredibly talented Brazilian artist Stephan Doitschinoff, aka Calma, will be signing copies of his new book, Calma: The Art of Stephan Doitschinoff as well as screening Temporal, the short documentary film about Doitschinoff's work, this Saturday, February 28th from 6-7pm at Los Angeles' Scion Installation Gallery. Sweet. We love Calma because he creates deep and varied paintings on anything from canvas to wall, paper to sculpture, all while exploring religion as a matter of socio-cultural issue. Creating such striking visual narratives is no easy feat, but Calma does so with a fluid and beautiful style (which compliments his choice of alias!) The book signing and film screening will go down right before the opening reception for SÃO PAULO, the group show curated by Choque Cultural Gallery, featuring fellow Brazilian artists Carlos Dias, MZK, Ramon Martins, Silvana Mello, Speto, Titi Freak and Zezão. Three events, one night? We’re there. More info on SÃO PAULO at

Morning Breath & Cycle Plus Nathan Lee Pickett & Bonnie Durham Come to Brooklyn

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, February 25, 2009
This Friday, February 27th from 7-10pm, artists Morning Breath (work above) and Cycle will show off their newest projects in a show called Oddities in the front gallery, alongside works by Nathan Lee Pickett (in the project room) and Bonnie Durham (in the alcove). All of these artists will be descending upon Brooklyn, NY for the new exhibition, which will open at Ad Hoc Art this Friday and will remain on display thru March 22nd, 2009. Learn more on each artist here….


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