Leaning with Paul Octavious

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, July 17, 2012
Here we sample a few photos from Paul Octavious' Lean with It and the Book Collection series. The tension of potential energy in each shot is what gets us most excited. Each photograph balances precariously upon a moment of chaos, while remaining sturdily planted.

John Baldessari's Pencil Story

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, June 20, 2012
Back in the early 1970s, John Baldessari told a story about his pencil. It was a sad pencil that he revived. It was a moment of his own obsessive attention to detail that compelled him to revive it. It was subtle, but it was art.

The Flower Anthem by Karina Eibatova

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, March 06, 2012
Something hypnotic, something mesmerizing to start your morning. Nine plus minutes, three quiet, ethereal songs, one artist by the name of Karina Eibatova taking black and white flowers out of her mouth, continually, and placing them on her face, all done to the music of the very talented Washed Out.

Jennifer Steinkamp "Moth" @ ACME, LA

Juxtapoz // Friday, March 02, 2012
Jennifer Steinkamp's captivating installations first became known to us after seeing her piece “Madame Curie"  at the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego. The installation incorporated three-dimensional projections that engulfed the entire space in the museum, expanding the walls and into a hypnotizing deep space of both digital and natural elements.

Plates by Andrew de Freitas

Juxtapoz // Monday, February 27, 2012
Andrew de Freitas is an artist from New Zealand that currently lives and works in Mataró, Spain. Coming from a background in philosophy as well as filmmaking, photography, and sculptural production, he aims to expose the strangeness of the everyday. His series of drawings titled Plates shown here uses colorful and odd dishes . . .

Conceptual and Disturbingly Good Artwork by Robert Gligorov (NSFW)

Juxtapoz // Friday, February 24, 2012
The Macedonia-born, Milan-based artist Robert Gligorov just made us do a spit-take. Look, you are going to get in this image gallery, and you may laugh, you may be offended, and you may just really like the F-you spirit of the work. Sometimes on a Friday, this is all you need.

Unraveling Knitted Credit Cards by Dimitri Tsykalov

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, February 22, 2012
Last year, Russian-based conceptual artist Dimitri Tsykalov scored two major hits on our stie: Meat Guns and Fruit Skulls, respectively. The artist is back with a series of knit credit cards, photographed and presented to be nearly complete with unraveling parts falling to the ground. Nothing is secure in the financial world, or art world...

Buenos Aires—Inception Park Video

Juxtapoz // Monday, February 20, 2012
Have you ever wanted to take a roller coaster ride through a major city? And no, New York, New York in Las Vegas doesn't count. Fernando Livschitz has created this playful, visual effects treat of a conceptual theme park full of rides throughout the city of Buenos Aires. Video after the jump . . .

Works by Steve Lambert

Juxtapoz // Sunday, February 19, 2012
Steve Lambert is a conceptual artist that works in a variety of mediums that also gives talks and takes full belief in the potential for art to create positive change in the world.

Famous Explosions Recreated with Cauliflower

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, February 14, 2012
You know when you think you have seen it all? Well, have you seen it done in cauliflower? Artist Brock Davis has taken the very famous explosions that occurred at the bombing of Nagasaki, the Hindenburg fire, and the Challenger disaster and recreated them using cauliflower. We are at a loss for words.
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