Atak x Cesar x Japhy

Graffiti // Tuesday, September 01, 2015
This is what it looks when all your cars are lined up and you go the winning hand. These three put their bet on red, black and white for the win.

Cesar x Egs in Finland

Graffiti // Tuesday, February 04, 2014
With some fresh powdery snow on the ground, Cesar and Egs color matched and hooked this wall in Finland up. 

Cesar Fmk

Graffiti // Wednesday, January 15, 2014
Here Cesar did some of them funk letters on a corrugated wall that look reallll nice.

Available in assorted colors...

Graffiti // Thursday, October 10, 2013
Cesar went for the entire candy spectrum and packed it full of polka dotson this new piece 

Cesar Fmk

Graffiti // Tuesday, June 11, 2013
We restrained from going to the corner store late last night to indulge in ice cream, chocolate, and candy, as these are the common activities many participate in after they have spent all their hard earned money at the bar.  We didn’t, thankfully, but now the colors in this Cesar piece are subliminally making us crave the candy and we are going to go for it. Nerds? Sour Patch Kids?  Slurpee? Choices.

Egs x Cesar x Sufle

Graffiti // Wednesday, June 05, 2013
Wherever there is snow on the ground we don’t want to be! We are trying to enjoy the spring/summer action, however we do prefer this view of work from Egs, Cesar, and Sufle.

Cesar x 2

Graffiti // Tuesday, January 08, 2013
When one is not enough and also an effective measure against any side busting.  Take up all the real estate!

Cesar Fmk

Graffiti // Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Real simple, real bright, real good. Cesar in Oakland.

We Make Dollars

Graffiti // Thursday, July 05, 2012
Cesar’s graffiti has a fun look to it and at the end of the day, graffiti should be all about fun.

Cesar x Steel

Graffiti // Tuesday, June 05, 2012
Cesar and Steel connect game with matching color schemes in San Francisco.  Of course Steel would have some burger characters accompanying his piece.
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