Cool Dude Cult!

Graffiti // Tuesday, August 25, 2015
Well-known train-painting crew, CDC also refers to themselves as the Cool Dude Cult! We will have to get back to you after a proper investigation to confirm or deny this claim.

Stoer CDC

Graffiti // Monday, May 18, 2015
Stoer making all kinds of connections of a super faded old railbox that makes for a great backdrop.

Stoe on an autorack

Graffiti // Friday, April 17, 2015
Stoe laced up this autorack as good as it gets. Funky but you will still be able to read it when it’s zooming by at 50 mph.

Yuthe x Mecro

Graffiti // Friday, March 20, 2015
Yuthe and Mecro both wore their best pink shirt to the party on this Tbox.


Graffiti // Thursday, November 13, 2014
Finish graffiti writer, Egs is a prolific figure in his country and has panted around the world. This fairly recent piece is a heater. 

Mecro x Bogus CDC

Graffiti // Monday, July 14, 2014
Mecro and Bogus begin our week with this Cryo-Trans car as they protect oday’s perishables.


Graffiti // Wednesday, July 31, 2013
This Mecro panel received the marble effect treatment, polished and smoothhhh. 


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