The Work of Cassidy Rae Limbach

Illustration // Thursday, March 14, 2013
  "Cassidy Rae Limbach is an abstract painter/ illustrator working on linen with acrylic, collage and inks. Her concerns are with rich-juicy colors, textures and surface qualities to create life-affirming visual meditations. Limbach plays with a spectrum of candy colored pastels intermingled with ornate design. She is inspired with the nature of both humans and animals alike and tends to present them in different roles. Her provocative designs are shown in a matter of poise but still remain very personal and demand attention."  

Cassidy Rae Limbach

Illustration // Tuesday, January 24, 2012
Cassidy Rae Limbach is an artist and illustrator who lives and works in her downtown home studio in Columbus, OH. Limbach's abstract paintings and illustrations are created using linen with acrylic, collage, and inks. Her keen eye for mouth-watering color combinations and dynamic textures produce ravishing, life-affirming visual meditations.


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