New works by Basco Vasko

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, December 15, 2010
Chilean artist Basco Vasko, featured in our August 2010 issue, just posted a collection of new works on paper, all in a mix of styles and color treatments. What is interesting about the mixing of styles is that Basco told us this summer, "I don't think it is very Chilean to mix things up. I know I said that in the past, but now I know that I don't mix things up like you would mix fruits to make juice." But he does mix his art up. More after the jump . . .

Estampillas Collected by Basco Vasko

Juxtapoz // Thursday, October 14, 2010
Chilean artist Basco Vasko (Juxtapoz #115) is known for his meticulous appropriation of media from eras past. His latest search involves rare international stamps.   Read More...  

Back Talk with Basco Vasko

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, August 04, 2010
Basco Vasko does not aim to please. The Chilean artist paints because he feels an urgency compelling him to, which is one reason we have featured him in our current August 2010 issue.

A Look Inside Juxtapoz August 2010 Issue with Dr Lakra

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, July 28, 2010
From the very first issue of Juxtapoz to now the latest edition, Dr Lakra has spent the meantime becoming an international tattoo and fine art superstar, and museum regular. That’s why we chose him to grace the cover of our August issue.

Vintage Chilean Imagery from Cosquillas

Juxtapoz // Friday, November 20, 2009
A little inspiration for you this Friday morn. Artist Basco Vasko shared with us some vintage images from Cosquillas, a Chilean magazine from the 70s.   Read More...  

Basco says: Blame Rap

Juxtapoz // Thursday, October 15, 2009
Sometimes it’s helpful to take a little walk down memory lane. Chilean artist Basco Vasko did just that in sharing some great old school photos of an artist’s lair. “Found these photographs last week while cleaning my closet,” he writes. “It’s not my bedroom but a friend’s bedroom back when I was still living with my parents, going to school and changing my tag every week.”   Read More...  


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