Ashkan Honarvar's Torn Flesh

Erotica // Thursday, December 26, 2013
The saying goes that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. It occurs in places you least expect. Revealing its art in the human body, but also cruelly absent in the presence of deformations and scars. Ashkan Honarvar (1980) depicts an undeniable, unavoidable beauty by accepting the darker sides of human ‘nature’.

Faces 5 by Ashkan Honarvar

Juxtapoz // Monday, June 25, 2012
If you have a light stomach, maybe this isn't for you? Utrecht photographer Ashkan Honarvar (Utrecht is a really nice town, by the way), has created this series called "Faces 5", where he has created a mutilated face and replaced the blood and injury with frosting, candy sprinkles, and what appears to be candy canes.

In Erotica: Ashkan Honarvar

Erotica // Wednesday, October 05, 2011
The human body, torn by acts of war, exploited by the sex industry, or used as tool in searching for identity, is the focus point of the paintings, drawings and collages of Ashkan Honarvar. Where this fascination of the dark side of the human existence comes from is something Ashkan Honarvar tries to define in his art.


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