Margaret Kilgallen and Bill Daniel at MOCA's "Art In the Streets"

Street Art // Monday, April 18, 2011
One of our personal favorite moments of the entire "Art In the Streets" exhibition is the recreation of one of Margaret Kilgallen's last exhibition brought to life at the MOCA. It makes for a stunning visual, as you come from both the energy of the Os Gemeos installation and the Los Angeles graffiti wall of Revok, Jersey Joe, Saber, and Risk into the folk, bohemian, iconic work of Kilgallen. More after the jump . . .

LEE and the Fun Gallery at MOCA's "Art In the Streets"

Street Art // Sunday, April 17, 2011
Another great part of the Art In the Streets exhibition is LEE Q's wall when you walk in, representing, or at least it seemed apparent to us, the NYC contingent at the show. And next to LEE's two pieces was a recreation of Patti Astor's seminal FUN Gallery that used to be the downtown spot in NYC for graffiti artists to exhibit in the 1980s. More after the jump . . .

Shepard Fairey, CR Stecyk III, and Ed Templeton at MOCA's "Art In the Streets"

Street Art // Saturday, April 16, 2011
Another highlight from "Art In the Streets" were the facing exhibition spaces of CR Stecyk III and Shepard Fairey. Stecyk covered the entirety of his walls with his screenprint and handpainted posters, all the same sized and dizzingly arranged. Shepard opted for a clean set-up, with iconic pieces that span his entire career. And Ed Templeton's work looned in the background. More after the jump . . .

MOCA's "Art In the Street" Security Camera Video

Street Art // Saturday, April 16, 2011
There was a lot of secrecy involved in the preparation of MOCA's "Art In the Streets" exhibition. We are quite sure if you were an artist in th show, your mother couldn't come see what you were doing until the press preview. That said, it also provided an opportunity for those setting up the entire show and documenting it to have a bit of fun, and MOCA created a film using the Geffen's security cameras. Watch after the jump . . .

Nike SB x Geoff McFetridge Paper Dunk and at MOCA

Street Art // Friday, April 15, 2011
WIth Nike SB having a stage last night at MOCA's "Art In the Streets," the team got to skate a Geoff McFetridge x Lance Mountain skate "park" that sits at the entryway of the exhibition's main hall. Coinciding with McFetridge and Nike SB at MOCA, a new Nike Dunk High is being released in super limited quantities to be auctioned off to benefit the MOCA Foundation. More after the jump . . .

Rammellzee at MOCA's "Art In the Streets"

Street Art // Friday, April 15, 2011
One of the best rooms at MOCA, and to us one of the most important, was the "experience" that was the Rammellzee installation. Having passed away last year, and being such a pivotal figure in hip-hop, graffiti, and experimental culture and art in general, his inclusion in the show, and to this capacity, was essential. More after the jump . . .

Swoon's Installation at MOCA's Art In the Streets

Street Art // Friday, April 15, 2011
Another standout installation at MOCA's "Art In the Streets" exhibit was Swoon's beautiful structure she has built with her team over the past month. Last night we were able to get a closer look, and found a stunning black and white, perfectly lit piece in its own room, surrounded with a white covering. More after the jump . . .

First Look: Os Gemeos at MOCA's "Art In the Streets"

Street Art // Thursday, April 14, 2011
Another showstopper from Art In the Streets, and there are a ton, is the Brazilian twins, Os Gemeos, room/space. We had watched them transform and create this space over the past week, and it was just today we saw it in completion. Trademark fantastic stuff. More after the jump . . .

First Look: Banksy at MOCA's "Art In the Streets"

Street Art // Thursday, April 14, 2011
Of course, Banksy was the "special guest" today at MOCA's Art In the Streets. The best kept non-secret had a large space next to Street Market, Jamie Reid, and a fantastic mural by Mode 2. Banksy brought in some really nice paintings, and a very large construction vehicle to, you know, hang out in a museum. More after the jump  . . .

Last Minute Touches at MOCA's Art In the Streets

Street Art // Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Everything is getting tightened up at MOCA's Art In the Streets at the moment, and just one walk around the building this morning we found pieces by Os Gemeos, AMAZE, and BLADE, and LEE and FUTURA were putting touhces on the massive mural on the side of the Geffen. Inside is amazing, but more on that later. Pictures after the jump . . .
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