Mystical Babes by Andre De Freitas

Erotica // Wednesday, March 12, 2014
Andre De Freitas is a multi-disciplinary artist skilled in both photography and illustration. He studied at Florida's Full Sail University and got a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Animation but found the concept of stillness more captivating and began to focus more on illustration. 'Instead of just drawing, I tried to imagine myself taking photos of my subjects. That way the illusion of stillness would be a little more believable, almost like a photograph. After that, my insertion into the world of photography was almost based on instinct.'

The Work of Andre De Freitas

Illustration // Wednesday, December 21, 2011
Photographer and illustrator Andre De Freitas attended Full Sail University and received a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Animation, but soon after began focusing on illustration, preferring to capture the essence of still images through drawing and photography.


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