An update with Amuse

Graffiti // Friday, November 20, 2015
Today we check in on what Chicago’s Amuse has been up to in spray department.

Amuse Yardbirds

Graffiti // Thursday, September 10, 2015
There is something about those yellow Tbox cars that just make everything pop off them. Amuse used the space well here incorporating the black box into his ‘E.”

Amuse126 x Merlot x Yanoe in action in L.A.

Graffiti // Saturday, July 11, 2015
Over the holiday weekend Amuse126, Merlot, and Yanoe met up in downtown Los Angeles to get busy on a wall and were nice enough to invite us out to come shoot some photos of the process. Check out the photos for some spray action and the finished products.

Jesus Saves Amuse

Graffiti // Monday, July 06, 2015
Religious folks probably think all vandals need to be saved. Hell, maybe they all do?

Amuse in Chicago

Graffiti // Monday, June 22, 2015
Just enough so even the people who pass by who know nothing about graffiti can say, “Oh, those colors are nice!”

An Update with Amuse

Graffiti // Monday, October 07, 2013
Today we check in with what Amuse has been up to and from all these photos, it appears he has been extra busy painting a lot of colorful pieces. 

An update with Amuse

Graffiti // Friday, June 28, 2013
Amuse has been diligently putting his name on walls this year in a range of colors. Here is another set of photos of recent graffiti from him.

David Molesky: "A Long Moment" @ a.Muse Gallery, SF

Juxtapoz // Thursday, June 27, 2013
Friend of the mag, David Molesky, has an opening tonight, June 27,  at a.Muse Gallery in San Francisco. It's either in Potrero Hill or Mission Creek... we can't tell. You may recognize Mr. Molesky from the feature he penned for us on Odd Nerdrum in our May 2013 issue.

An Update with Amuse 126

Graffiti // Monday, May 13, 2013
Amuse 126 appears to have been keeping busy painting plenty of spots recently. Check out what he’s been up to alongside other writers like Optimist, Sege, Ares, and more.

Video: Nekst126

Graffiti // Tuesday, January 08, 2013
In this new video titled “Nekst126”, Chicago’s Amuse 126 endures the frigid winter weather to pay tribute to Nekst..  
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