The Evolution of a Backpiece

Tattoo // Friday, November 16, 2012
An awesome little post from Jeff Gogue of Off the Map charting the evolution of a backpiece. This post details the sketching, stenciling, and outlining process (which itself took 7 hours!). Looking forward to reading all the subsequent posts and watching this piece progress!

Bold Traditional Flash from Shon Lindauer

Tattoo // Friday, November 16, 2012
Shon Lindauer's strong lines and vivid colors make for some unmistakeable flash (and tattoos too, obviously). From eagles to ships to roses, Shon's color gradients and clean drawings take traditional imagery and infuse it with a whopping dose of boldness.  

'The Biker' from Levi's Vintage Clothing @ Levi's Flagship SF

Tattoo // Friday, November 16, 2012
Last night, Levi's Vintage Clothing launched an exhibition called "The Biker with Oil and Leather & The Bikeriders" at the flashship store in downtown San Francisco. Featuring 21 painted motorcycle jackets from 13 international artists--many of whom are tattoo artists as well--and documents and photographs from Danny Lyon's "The Bikeriders," the show pays homage to the American biker legacy. We've got info (and pictures!) after the jump.

Jessica Mach's Bleeding Moth

Tattoo // Thursday, November 15, 2012
Beautiful bleeding, jeweled moth tattoo from Jessica Mach at AKA in Berlin, Germany. With a delicate hand, Jessica inked and rendered this intricate moth with fine lines, gemstones and blackscale pointillism. LOVE the emerald jewels and blood running over the pearls that  have been embedded in the back of the moth.

Greg Christian's Burning Skulls

Tattoo // Thursday, November 15, 2012
'Greg Christian, a talented artist for over 20 years, began his professional career in Elizabethton, Tennessee, at Tennessee Mountain Tattoo, working for F.E. Craig. After 3 years, he took his skills on the road to Miami, Florida working for the Tattoos By Lou Corporation. For the next 5 years, he made Lou's shops his home base as he traveled all over the country working for numerous world renowned shops...

Sky James Tattoo Flash

Tattoo // Thursday, November 15, 2012
We came across some beautiful tattoo flask from the skilled hand of Sky James over at Magnetic Tattoo. His signature style is visible throughout his work, with a consistent bold use of color and form. Amazingly laid out flash sheets with everything from demonic vixens to charging buffaloes and a few daggers for good measure.

Tattoos and Flash from Chris Smith

Tattoo // Thursday, November 15, 2012
Chris Smith has been  tattooing in Chicago, Il for over 12 years, perfecting his craft and getting to the epic level of talent that he is at today. His tattoo work and flash illustrations are heavy with a traditional base- as shown in these full torso pieces. Chris is currently working at Deluxe Tattoo in Chicago.

New Work from Max Rothert

Tattoo // Wednesday, November 14, 2012
Max Rothert is another up-and-coming talent from Off the Map Tattoo in Easthampton, MA. His black and gray tattoos combine elements of realism with painterly drips and smooth shading effects, making his larger pieces read as other-worldly masterpieces.

Daniel Cartier: Blank to Body Suit in 3 Years

Tattoo // Wednesday, November 14, 2012
Daniel J. Cartier is transforming his body from blank canvas to body suit by 2013 in hopes of creating a book of photographs and essays documenting his transformation. Blair Schulman has the rest of the story...

Food Tattoos for Hunger

Tattoo // Wednesday, November 14, 2012
Off the Map Tattoo in Easthampton, MA and Giants Pass, OR is gearing up for November 18th's Food Tattoos for Hunger event, taking place at tattoo studios all over the world. Offering $50 tattoos with the proceeds going to local food shelters, this an awesome excuse to add to your ink. Here is a preview of some of the flash that'll be up for grabs at Off the Map.


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