The Works of Alison Blickle

Juxtapoz // Friday, August 31, 2012
Alison Blickle says her work is about "attaining unattainable experiences and connection." She paints sensual women by combining classical painting techniques with elements from landscapes. Alison currently lives and works in Los Angeles. She has recently shown at The Hole in NYC, as well as Richard Heller in Los Angeles, Deitch Projects, and with Eleanor Harwood of San Francisco.

Better than Magic?? Wizard Tattoos!!

Tattoo // Thursday, August 30, 2012
So you've been sitting at your desk all day, endlessly searching the internet, looking for some hope, something to get you through the day. You tried cat videos, teaching yourself magic tricks with everyday objects and nothing is bringing you lasting happiness. Well, do you know what is better than magic tricks?? WIZARDS, and wizard tattoos are forever!!!

In Honor of Armstrong

Tattoo // Thursday, August 30, 2012
Neil Alden Armstrong (August 5, 1930 – August 25, 2012) was an American astronaut and the first person to walk on the Moon. In honor of his exceptional existance, and our love for space travel, here's an epic collection of galactic ink work from a variety of talent for you to gaze at. Lust in outerspace. RIP original spaceman.

Skin Workshop Tattoo: Pimp My Skin

Tattoo // Thursday, August 30, 2012
We know what you're thinking, and thankfully this isn't the title of another reality television show. Instead the folks over at 'Skin Workshop Tattoo' put together a documentation video of a monstrous back piece being completed in Dublin. Tattoo by Zsolt Sarkozi, Norbert Halasz, and Matyas Csiga Halasz at Dublin Ink in Dublin, Ireland.  

Allstar Ink Tattoo

Tattoo // Thursday, August 30, 2012
Great little short video, nearly four minutes scoping out Allstar Ink Tattoo in Limerick City. With a lot of talent under their belt, this shop in Ireland has gone out of their way to show what kind of guest artists they have coming through, too.

The skills of David Allen

Tattoo // Wednesday, August 29, 2012
David Allen creates vivid and bold works that come to life on skin. He works out Pioneer Tattoo Studio in the great city of Chicago. David has a background in graphic design which really shows in the construction of his designs.  

Tattoos Inspired By Children's Movies

Tattoo // Tuesday, August 28, 2012
We recently came across this collection of amazing tattoos inspired by children's movies -- what better way to pay tribute to those movies you spent worshiping during your formative years than get them permanently inked on your body? The tattoo inspirations range from 80s classics like the Goonies to newer ones like Pixar's Up, check out the whole set here.

Eyeball Tattooing Video (Ee, Eew, EW!!)

Tattoo // Tuesday, August 28, 2012
'The film follows Popek, a successful Polish rapper and mixed martial arts fighter, as he undergoes an obscure and dangerous procedure to get his eyeballs permanently tattooed. The full-risks involved in this procedure and the long-term effects are still largely unknown. One of the only people in the UK to have had this operation, Popek’s motives are mysterious but for him it seems to be a risk worth taking. This video is not for the faint of heart'

Ryan Milner's 90's TV Gang

Tattoo // Tuesday, August 28, 2012
Steve "The Q" Urkel, ALF "The Anteater" Shumway and Danny "T-Dog" Tanner are all part of Ryan Milner's new 'Sitcom Sinners' series. 'This ficticious gang was formed by some of the most beloved and iconic television characters of the early 90's. Fallen from their former lives of sitcom bliss, these harden criminals now wheel, deal and steal with the best of em', replacing that iconic t.v. twinkle with scars, tattoos, and a whole new attitude.' Milner states. Haters gon hate.

Richie Culver by Alan Coulson

Tattoo // Monday, August 27, 2012
London-based realist artist Alan Coulson shares his painting process for an arresting and ink-laden portrait of fellow creative and personal friend Richie Culver.


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