New Works from OX

Street Art // Friday, October 11, 2013
Parisian public artist, OX, always considers the surrounding environment and the way his work will interact with it. Each piece he creates (which is predominantly billboard alteration) has a unique visual effect and brings on a new perspective. Here we have a bunch of new works he has created in and around Paris.

Daleast @ Los Muros Hablan Street art Festival

Street Art // Thursday, October 10, 2013
DALeast’s newest piece in San Juan, Puerto Rico for the Los Muros Hablan Street art Festival, is based on a statue of Christopher Columbus located in town. The artist repainted the statue in his sketchy, meticulously detailed, lin-based style.

Geometrical Optical Illusions by Fanette Guilloud

Street Art // Thursday, October 10, 2013
Depending on where you are standing and your vantage point, these hand painted geometric shapes in abandoned locations can appear to defy physical space and play tricks on your eyes. Géométrie de l’impossible (Impossible Geometry) is a project by 21-year-old French photographer, Fanette Guillooud, created in various locations around Toulouse, Bordeaux.ux.

Rookie in Soest, Germany

Street Art // Thursday, October 10, 2013
Going over the windows with paint on some parts and not on others, The Weird Crew member, Rookie’s newest mural plays with space and perspective. Three characters (two with “weird” dunce style hats) are interacting with pigs in this new mural in Soest, Germany.

The work of Dasic

Street Art // Thursday, October 10, 2013
Sometimes you have to see something a few times before your brain actually registers its existence. That is certainly the case with Dasic’s work, whose murals we have seen in the past, most notably when collaborating with the artist Okuda. The Chilean-born, New York-based muralist has created a number of stunning large-scale works in various mediums over the years. For us, his most impressive piece is in Newburgh, New York, where the particular murals imagery wraps across the ceiling of an underpass dominating the architecture. 

Aryz sets sail...

Street Art // Wednesday, October 09, 2013
Ready, set, sail! Spanish artist, Aryz (our January 2013 cover artist) has expanded his canvases to include a mast for a fishing boat. This boat will be regularly setting sail off the beaches of the small fishing town of Andavadoaka, Madagasca where Aryz recently visited.

New Mural by Phlegm in Antwerp, Belgium

Street Art // Wednesday, October 09, 2013
In his last few murals, Sheffield-based artist, Phlegm, has been expanding and experimenting with his imagery in new interesting directions. Participating in the Day One Festival in Antwerp, Belgium, Phlegm acquired a giant wall, where he painted two mirroring figures. Painted in his typical monochrome palette, each figure adorns cities on their legs and several planets on their head that resemble something similar to a solar system mobile.

2 New Banksy pieces in Brooklyn

Street Art // Tuesday, October 08, 2013
Banksy continues his “New York Residency” creating two new works in the streets, this time both across the East River in Brooklyn. The first painted yesterday, was the image of a broken heart balloon painted in the Red Hook neighborhood. Due to cheap fame or other envious reasons, the heart was “sidebusted” quickly by a repeating Banksy “admirer” as we will call him. The second was marked on a door somewhere in Greenpoint...

Bizarre characters by Husk Mit Navn

Street Art // Tuesday, October 08, 2013
We want to squeeze and hug the characters Husk paints, maybe even take them home with us. They just look so friendly and payful.

Ten-story Parisian building covered inside and out with over 100 artist's work

Street Art // Monday, October 07, 2013
A massive ten-story building in a low-income housing district of eastern Paris has become one of the largest venues displaying street art ever. Organized by art gallery owner Mehdi Ben Cheikh, “Tour 13” has taken seven months to complete and includes over 100 artists from around the globe. 36 Apartments, a basement, staircases, the façade, basically everything, has been covered in art. The catch is that the building is set to be demolished starting in November, so you have one month to go view this ephemeral project before it exists only in photos.