Wakey Wakey Eggs and Baceyyyy

Street Art // Sunday, May 15, 2011
It's Sunday morning and while we should be sleeping in we couldn't help that appetite calling.  Let's go make some eggs and bacon, and then go paint breakfast!  

The Harnessing of the Giant Squids

Street Art // Saturday, May 14, 2011
  "A liquid secreted by the mucous membranes of mammalians."  That is the Wikipedia description of Phlegm, as well as the name of the artist who painted this mural in Sheffield, England. Eventually, when a significant amount of rain comes this canal will fill with water and this piece can take off in full effect.

Turn On Tune In Drop Out

Street Art // Friday, May 13, 2011
Eric Elms is not much of a "street artist."In fact, he's probably the farthest from that title but has created some great work in spaces viewable from the street.  A highly successful designer and responsible for many well known logos, Elms also makes interesting font based sculptures.  He just had a solo exhibition in Paris last week and we were reminded of how much we enjoy his work.  


Street Art // Friday, May 13, 2011
With roots in graffiti, Los Angles based muralist, Cache, has been popping up wall by wall over the last couple years.  He is most known for his hilarious skinny-legged chickens and Zapatistas characters, which are often seen biking, or pumping their fists.  The following is just a sample of this artists many works that can be found in the streets.  


Street Art // Friday, May 13, 2011
When there is limited wall space left you may have to resort to painting the floor. This place looks like an abandoned indoor tennis court but now serves as a shrine to Jace's fallen character.  

Chalk Drawings

Street Art // Friday, May 13, 2011
Paris based artist, Philippe Baudelocque, draws a range of different animals using intricate patterns and designs.  The difference between most street artists and Philippe is that he uses the very impermanent medium of chalk.  His work is reminiscent of a cryptic astronomy chart waiting to be deciphered.  A book of his work is due to be released soon and we are eager to catch a peek.  

In Street Art: Kofie x El Mac Mural

Juxtapoz // Friday, May 13, 2011
Kofie and El Mac just completed their 4th collaborative mural at 33third Store in Los Angeles. The two artists Painted the wall in conjunction with the Pasadena Museum of California Art's "Street Cred" exhibition opening this Sunday, May 15.

Dave Warnke

Street Art // Thursday, May 12, 2011
We remember when Dave's little quirky characters were running rampant all over San Francisco.  They seem to have gone dormant for now but we are patiently waiting their return.  Dave currently teaches art to kids and in his own words on his work, "The nature of my artwork is not serious, but I take my work seriously."  

Nosbe and friends

Street Art // Thursday, May 12, 2011
Paris is undoubtedly one of the most inspiring cities to roam the streets in.  The acceptance of work in public space is very open, leaving many opportunities for artists to get their work out.  One artist that stands out among the masses is Nosbe.  Nosbe has been collaborating with a lot of artists and creating some great work for pedestrians walking by. Check some examples of his work.  

Pow Wow Hawaii

Street Art // Thursday, May 12, 2011
In an attempt to help push and build the local artistic community in Hawaii, Pow Wow was created.  This event held in Hawaii showcased creative talents from all over and this video highlights 3 artists involved Will Barras, Yue Wu, and Suitman.  Nicely shot, with an upbeat soundtrack.  Check it out.  


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