Stay Focused

Street Art // Saturday, September 10, 2011
Eye Gauging character from Thomas Kummer in an abandoned building  


Juxtapoz // Friday, September 09, 2011
Wooster Collective posted images from NYC-based, French born street artist, and January 2009 cover artist, WK Interact's Project Brave, a wall to commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The wall is being done in collaboration with New York firefighters to create a massive street mural (100 meters long).


Street Art // Friday, September 09, 2011
The Austrian street art scene grows larger by day and is known internationally for it’s wide range of talent.  One of the artist we recently noticed was Nychos who creates dark, twisted mural reminiscent of 80’s skateboard graphics.  Pure Evil gallery describes the artist as, “Twisted at birth, brainwashed throughout his childhood, poisoned by the media and fostered by the dark side, Nychos, the evil genius has been genetically modifying an army of lime green mutated tentacles, maggots, monsters and femme fatales to take over the world.  

We ? Os Gemeos

Street Art // Friday, September 09, 2011
We feel every compliment and adjective have been used to describe this prolific duos work, so we will just stop there.  

Sabatoge, Riot, Looter

Street Art // Friday, September 09, 2011
We often see Barcelona-based artist, Grito use rollers for painting his large-scale outdoor works, but the artist contributed a smaller piece to the Galore Festival in Copenhagen.  

DOLK @ OSL Contemporary in Oslo

Juxtapoz // Friday, September 09, 2011
Norwegian artist Dolk, who just completed work for the Nuart produced ____Capitalism? project in Bergen, Norway, just opened a solo exhibition at OSL Contemporary in Oslo, Norway this week. The show features both works on canvas and street works coinciding with the show.

XXX Viewing

Street Art // Thursday, September 08, 2011
Is this insinuating the viewing of pornography?  What is The Reader getting at?  Why so vague?  

Phoenix International Media Center

Street Art // Thursday, September 08, 2011
  Scheduled for completion in 2012, Phoenix International Media Center is a basket-like shaped building with has a great feeling of movement.  Phoenix is a large satellite TV provider and is among the numerous media companies that have recently begun defining Beijing's urban landscape.  

Decorative and Disrobed

Street Art // Thursday, September 08, 2011
Brazilian born street artist and always smiling, Zeh Palito bared all with his female friend in front of one of his pieces at Brooklynite Gallery in New York.

Shift-Eyed Marge

Street Art // Thursday, September 08, 2011
There are all kinds of wrongness happening here and we will leave it to the work to do the talking.