The Work of Android Jones

Illustration // Friday, February 03, 2012
'In his art and in his life, Android Jones seeks to expand the infinite boundaries of reality.  He is a techno-mystic visual pioneer of digital art. He draws on a classical background of academic and traditional skills to interface with the machine, communicate to the mind and connect to the heart.'

The Illustrated Body

Illustration // Friday, February 03, 2012
Belgian artist Jean-Luc Moerman has created this nice series of tattoos-like work over the top of religious classics.  The Belgian artist and illustrator has created his singiature style by creating these tattooed portraits over celebrities, models and classic imagery as well.

A Slice of Vintage Erotica

Erotica // Friday, February 03, 2012
A glimpse into the not too distant past, the days of conservative love making, jello molds and emergency basement shelters... a time when erotica was a little more tame, sex was more of a taboo and explicit agendas shunned upon. But judging from these vintage illustrations, maybe not. Artist unknown.

A Tribute to Drive

Illustration // Friday, February 03, 2012
A short animated film based off of a tribute to the film Drive. Directed by Tom&Bruno with music by Glass Candy - Digital Versicolor, and sound design by Alexandre Poirier. Graphic, simple, well made illustrated animation.

Jesse Balmer

Illustration // Friday, February 03, 2012
Jesse Balmer was born in San Juan Capistrano, CA, in 1987. Now residing in San Francisco, CA,  he has been drawing since before he can remember, creating fantastic and intricate illustrations of mythical beasts and objects. He regularly shows his weird and beautiful works in galleries across the US, including in San Francisco, Seattle, and Los Angeles.

Jim Flora

Illustration // Thursday, February 02, 2012
Jim Flora (b. 1914 - d. 1998) was a prolific commercial illustrator, most recognized for his distinctive album cover art for RCA Victor and Columbia Records during the 40's and 50's, as well as his self-authored and illustrated children's books. In addition to his commercial work, he was  a fine artist with a diabolical bent who created hundreds of paintings, drawings, etchings, and sketches during his lifetime.

Aaron Crawford's Art and Monsters

Illustration // Thursday, February 02, 2012
Aaron Crawford, a full-time artist and illustrator living in Atlanta, GA, creates nightmarish characters inspired by horror movies, depicting stomach churning scenes replete with skulls, demons, fangs, and the terrifyingly deformed. Crawford's brightly colored and dynamic monsters force the viewer into an alternate reality where the grotesque and evil aren't ashamed to flourish.

Olaf Hajek

Illustration // Thursday, February 02, 2012
Olaf Hajek is an award-winning illustrator currently living and working in Berlin. His fantastical and highly textural works combine elements of South American folklore, mythology, religion, history, and geography to create images that strike a balance between sober reality and mystical hallucination.

The Work of Pavel Sabelnikov

Illustration // Thursday, February 02, 2012
Pavel Sabelnikov or PAL is an ordinary observer, whose interests cover painting, vector and street graphics, illustration, wall decoration, sketching and aggressive inline skating. Its big in Latvia.

The Work of Egene Koo

Juxtapoz // Thursday, February 02, 2012
Egene Koo is an illustrator based in Korea. Her beautifully detailed oil paintings are a unique fusion of nature, fashion, and portraiture, depicting richly colored wildlife in the same space as over-sized high heels and well-dressed models with wide-eyed cat and rabbit faces, an unusual combination of elements that is both dreamy and unsettling.


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