Illustrations by Max Grünfeld

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, April 09, 2013
Hamburg-based artist Max Grünfeld find inspiration in the little details of her everyday life whether it be a conversation, funny circumstance, daydreaming, people or animals. Max studied at the Art Academy ArtEZ, Netherlands and Escola Massana Art Academy in Spain. About her work she says, 'I can tell much more with illustrations in extraordinary ways than when I would have to shape the same idea/image or feeling with words.'

The Art of Renee Nault

Illustration // Tuesday, April 09, 2013
Renee Nault is a Canadian artist, illustrator, and graphic novelist known for her vivid watercolor and ink illustrations. Growing up near the ocean in Victoria, Nault was influenced by the languid weightlessness and bright colors of underwater landscapes. She later connected these ideas with the "floating world" of Japanese Ukiyo-e prints, combining this influence with her own personal edge, cryptic symbolism, and dark sense of humor.

Paper and Thread from Happy Red Fish

Illustration // Tuesday, April 09, 2013
  Happy Red Fish is a creative studio owned and operated by Amsterdam-based artist and designer Hagar Vardimon-van Heummen. Using a combination of paper, thread, and photography, van Heummen creates quiet landscapes and subtle narratives that soothe the mind and loosen the visual palette. His "Lonely Houses" series is particularly haunting, a collection of distorted structures hanging in a paper void, anchored only by radial threads stretching toward the horizon.  

Casey Weldon's Four-Eyed Felines

Illustration // Tuesday, April 09, 2013
In this charmingly bizarre series of paintings, Brooklyn-based artist Casey Weldon seamlessly blends an extra pair of peering eyes into otherwise ordinary portraits of everyday house cats. At once startling and oddly befitting, the cats' doubled set of eyes suggest a host of different narratives, anything from an alien provenance to an alternate line of evolution. Weldon is well known for his off-kilter interpretations of pop culture iconography, and with this series he undoubtedly adds more fuel to the internet-inflamed phenomenon of cat memes.

"Windows of New York" by Jose Guizar

Illustration // Monday, April 08, 2013
Driven by curiosity, Jose Guizar is a Mexican graphic designer living in New York City. Creating strong messages within his artwork to communicate with his audience, Guizar is greatly known for his personal project "Windows of New York". Guizar illustrated a series of windows that caught his attention around New York City showing of the great architecture that gives the city one of it's distinctive features... 

Chilling Works by Santiago Caruso

Illustration // Monday, April 08, 2013
Santiago Caruso is an Argentinean artist born in Buenos Aires. Covering subjects of fear, passion, desolation and violence, it's surprising that Caruso is twenty-nine years old. Having a classic painting technique and creating illustrations that look like they've come out of an 1800's science illustration book, Caruso has style and skills beyond his years…

"Jan Mayen" video by Michael Fragstein

Illustration // Monday, April 08, 2013
Jan Mayen is a music video created by Michael Fragstein for Boozoo Bajou's upcoming EP. Visually abstract, the title refers to a volcanic island in the Arctic Ocean as the animation creates a theme of lava type objects moving gracefully around the screen...

"Pre-segmentalation" by Daniel K Sparkes

Illustration // Monday, April 08, 2013
English artist Daniel K. Sparkes is a former street artist who combines photography and illustration in a way that is unusual and fantastically disturbing. Painting on top of the photographs, Sparkes creates mystery giving the subjects behind the painting no identity leaving the fewer wanting more, "Usually starts with a stolen photo. I'll cut or crop the bit I want and then paint/draw onto that.  

Sachin Teng's Incredible Imagination

Illustration // Sunday, April 07, 2013
Sachin Teng was one of the first artists I was entirely blown away by upon discovering back in 2009.  The style was so original and new, Sachin’s ability at imagination clearly visible.  As I followed his career his style and focus has only become more and more his own impressing me more so with every creation...

The Fine Art of David Bray

Illustration // Friday, April 05, 2013
David Bray is one of the first artists I ever came across on the Internet that I was really struck by.  The image was of a woman in what seemed to be a Batman mask marked with intricate patterns or reflections staring up at the viewer with tears spilling from her eyes.  There were hints of colors across her face and amongst her detailed hair and by the time I was done looking at her I was hypnotized.


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