The Art of Man on Fire

Illustration // Tuesday, September 03, 2013
Frank Germano was a designer with 17+ years of experience in graphic, web and UI/UX design who recently decided to shift his efforts toward the seat of his creativity--music. From this shift was born "Man on Fire," a project designed for Germano to expand himself creatively and get more deeply involved in the music scene of Boston. 

Christopher Hutsul's Woodcut Dynamism

Illustration // Tuesday, September 03, 2013
Christopher Hustul is a filmmaker and artist whose deeply detailed black-and-white linework is reminiscent of woodcut with the dynamism of urban photography. Hutsul lives in Toronto with his wife and two daughters. 

Victor Kerlow Illustration

Illustration // Tuesday, September 03, 2013
Victor Kerlow was born, raised and educated in Manhattan and still lives there, drawing full-time. Kerlow's spirited, down-to-earth style gives an awareness of the artist's hand quite unlike any other. His clients include The New Yorker, The New York Times, Fantagraphics, MTV, Random House, Bloomberg, The Believer, J. Walter thompson and many more. Kerlow also draws the weekly illustrations for The Metro Diary in The New York Times. 

Danny Ivan's Textural Abstractions

Illustration // Monday, September 02, 2013
Danny Ivan is a digital artist, videographer, and editor currently living and working in Lisbon, Portugal. His digital illustrations run the gamut from purely abstract geometric forms to raw textures to stylized photographic collages, all of which of possess his signature irreverance and partiality towards the splendidly weird and hypnotic. 

Alessandro Pautasso's Prismatic Portraits

Illustration // Monday, September 02, 2013
Based in Turin, Italy, Alessandro Pautasso, aka Kaneda, is a graphic designer and illustrator whose specialty lies in vector art and mixed media. Attracted by the visual arts at a young age, he started working in the field of commercial art and simultaneously focused on digital art, developing a style that involves breaking down the faces of Old Hollywood icons into abstract and vividly colored geometric shapes.

The Glowing Visions of Andre de Freitas

Illustration // Monday, September 02, 2013
Andre de Freitas is a photographer and illustrator who studied at Full Sail University, earning a Bachelor's Degree in computer animation. After discovering that the concept of stillness inherent in static illustrations captured his imagination more than moving images, he began to focus on illustration but with a photographer's eye, hoping to recreate the serenity of portrait photography in his art. His glowing compositions certainly embody a sense of tranquility and calm, presenting otherworldly figures of beauty and mystery.

Empyrean Worlds by Celina de Guzman

Illustration // Monday, September 02, 2013
Celina de Guzman, aka Celdee, is an illustrator based in Manila, Philippines. Using a combination of traditional illustration and digital techniques, Guzman creates incredible compositions comprised of conceptual forms and loosely rendered figures, employing a beautiful digitally-applied pastel palette to enhance her delightfully topsy-turvy drawing style. She describes herself as the owner of a pair of caffeine-congested lungs and a lover of goldfish, mechanical pencils, and the Oxford comma.

Charlie Bearman's Pretty Women

Erotica // Monday, September 02, 2013
Charlie Bearman is an illustrator and designer based in Moscow, Russia, who looks for inspiration in everyday life, fashion, and music. His imaginative illustrations depict pretty young women set against whimsical and abstract backgrounds, each girl oozing with charm and vigorous sexuality. 

Jean Boullet's Homoeroticism

Erotica // Monday, September 02, 2013
Born in 1921 and deceased in 1970, Jean Boullet was a French cartoonist, illustrator, film critic, and writer, best known for his homoerotic sketches and unique representation of masculine beauty. Openly gay in cosmopolitan Paris following the second world war, Boullet's drawings depict beautiful young men, often sailors and soldiers, in situations both explicit and mundane, and at times even fantastical ala Jean Cocteau.

Supersonic Selects: Sachin Teng

Illustration // Sunday, September 01, 2013
Thoughts spoken outwardly and those ingested internally often share a distinctly opposite language and placed beside one another can often seem like some complex code waiting to be broken.  Thankfully Sachin Teng has a knack for solving these riddles, combining the two - one over the other - to reveal the beauty that awaits. Zach Tutor (Supersonic Electronic) asked the New York City illustrator 10 questions about various topics recently:  


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