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Living Walls - Part 4

Street Art // Tuesday, 20 Aug 2013

As we reflect on the eventful week spent in Atlanta for the fourth edition of Living Walls, exhaustion kicks in. On our final two days we were able to see all the walls come to completion, which included the finishing of 3ttman, Nanook, Trek Mathews, and Roti’s walls. We attended a lecture series that took place on the 27th floor at the top of W Hotel that featured speakers and an artist panel all centered around urbanism and the use of public space. On the final day the main focus quickly shifted to getting the closing party ready that was to be held at the Goat Farm. All the participating artists created art to be hung for a one night only event that included a number of activities, most notably the performance of Atlanta’s own Killer Mike. We watched Nanook squeeze in one more mural at The Goat Farm hours before the opening and saw Know hope and 2501 put the final touches on their collaborative installation that resembled a primitive course for army training. At the opening, a mass of people came out filling the entire compound of the Goat Farm, which consists of multiple large brick buildings. And yes, Killer Mike killed it and you could feel the love for Atlanta. Did we happen to injure ourselves in the foggy haze of celebration? That’s a yes. But did we enjoy every moment? We think it’s obvious. Until next year Atlanta.

Special thanks to Sarah, Monica, David, Britni, Matt, Alexandra, Jasmine and everyone on the Living Walls Crew. Double shout out to all the volunteers that gave their time to make this project happen as well. 

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