Levi's Film Workshop at MOCA's Art In the Streets

Street Art // Tuesday, 12 Apr 2011

We have spent the past five days at MOCA watching the final touches being put on the seminal Art In the Streets exhibit, and part of our time we have been watching Levi's put together their newest Levi’s® Workshops, the Film Workshop. For the entirety of the the Streets exhibit, Levi's will allow museum goers and the general public a chance to make their own films, from Super 8 to 3D, home movies to avant garde, amateur to professional.

The Film Workshop will also be screening various art films, and will have a full library of some of the great street art, graffiti, and art films that a lot of the artists in Art In the Streets have suggested.

Levi's Film Workshop from Levi's Film Workshop on Vimeo.

From Levi's:

The Levi’s® Workshops are a series of venues dedicated to creative production and collaboration. The Film Workshop celebrates the craft of filmmaking and the other arts raised in the streets of Los Angeles. Like the exhibition at MOCA we are housed in, we champion a variety of styles and techniques; from super 8 to 3d, home movies to avant garde, amateur to professional. This Levi’s Film Workshop is a place where we facilitate and you create.

Stay tuned for another big bit of news from Levi's and Juxtapoz later this week...


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