Katharina Grosse at Mass MOCA

Street Art // Tuesday, 15 Mar 2011
We love a good site-specific work, and Katharina Grosse's work at Mass MOCA at the moment, One Floor Up More Highly, is a creepy, psychedelic lunar landscape of rainbow colors and mixed-media objects. The four mounds of soil, painted with a spray gun instead of a brush, is the highlight.

As Mass MOCA writes, "The artist has applied her atmospheric veils of paint to four mounds of soil which seem to spill from the upper balcony into the enormous space below. Stacks of Styrofoam shards rise out of the seductive mountains of color, mirroring the white of the gallery walls -- the metaphorical canvas of Grosse's tremendous painting. While the sprawling installation provokes associations with a psychedelic, glacial landscape, Grosse's work is not representational. Her electric, sometimes dissonant palette is meant to temper the impulse to read the work as a recognizable image. Instead, the anarchic work embraces a state of ambiguity that allows for alternative ways of processing what is seen - whether in the installation's vast changes in scale or the shifting identities of its components in which mountains become piles of raw pigment and sliced Styrofoam appears tectonic."

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Katharina Gross
One Floor Up More Highly
Through October 31, 2011

North Adams, Massachusetts


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