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Anders "STRØK" Gjennestad @ Reed Projects, Stavanger, Norway

Street Art // Monday, 19 May 2014

Each year when we head to Nuart in Stavanger, Norway, we always like meeting and learning about new waves of European street artists. One artist who has been at Nuart in the past is Anders "STRØK" Gjennestad, who now has an exhibition of stencil works at Stavanger's Reed Projects.

From the gallery:

Anders Gjennestad is a Norwegian Stencil artist based in Berlin who exhibites in galleries and street walls. When working on the street he goes by the alias, Strøk. Using his own photographs as a point of departure, his hand cut multi layered stencils create photorealistoc imagery, with depth and detail that is complex, tactile and mentally engaging. The placement and choice of material painted on depicts the nature of the subject and enables the work to interact with the space.


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