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Arvida Byström for Polyester Magazine

Photography // Tuesday, 19 Aug 2014

Check out the latest series by internet princess Arvida Byström, done in her typical candy-colored hue. The series, ‘My Girl Lollipop,’ was shot for Polyester Zine, a brand new publication celebrating fashion, art, feminism, and trash culture.
Polyester followed up the series with a write-up on the notorious artist, Meadham Kirchhoff muse, and Gal Space curator and founder. Of her fondness for pastel hues, Polyester editor-in-chief Ione Gamble writes, “She uses colour as a tool to highlight the messages within her photography… [The artist ponders], ‘I think colours can make things accessible. What I like about colour is the kind of immediate reaction it spurs. People won’t love all my aesthetics, but even that is a reaction to my use of colour.’ It’s hardly surprising that Arvida places her use of colour on an equal par with the importance of a shoots concept, claiming that within her work, one would not work without the other. Attributing her love of all things pastel to being brought up in a westernised traditional girly environment that bred a love for princesses, Arvida doesn’t understand the tendency to pressure girls to throw out their toys. Resenting the fact that when a girl expresses girlish femininity she’s called a Lolita, whereas a boy playing video games is seen as totally normal.” To read the rest of the article, click here.

Photographs and quote via Polyester zine and Arvida Bystrom

text by Maddie Maschger


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