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Sacha Goldberger’s Superhero Grandma

Photography // Friday, 28 Feb 2014

When photographer Sacha Goldberger saw that his 91-year-old grandmother, Frederika, was stuck in a sorrowful state of apathy and unhappiness, he made it his goal to correct this through a new photographic project. The result was a collection of images where he created a superhero persona played by his grandmother in full costumes including face paint and props. Under Goldberger’s direction, Frederika was photographed performing the everyday tasks of a superhero. Not only is Goldberger’s love and devotion to his family evident in his photographs, but also the fun and excitement on his grandmother’s face which proves the project successful by injecting exhilaration and vivaciousness back into Frederika’s life.

text written by Canbra Hodsdon


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