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Lucinda Grange explores off limit locations

Photography // Monday, 17 Mar 2014

Where others see impossibility, 25-year-old photographer, Lucinda Grange sees an opportunity to rise. As much intrepid as she is brimmed with talented, Grange scales some of the world's most iconic structures, often eluding security guards for the sake of the perfect shot. Her impressive list includes the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Chrysler Building, Firth of Forth Rail Bridge in Scotland, the Carpe Diem building in Paris, and New York’s Manhattan Bridge. She writes on her website,"I am realistic, I know I’m nothing special, I’m of equal worth to every other man or woman, but through travel and adventures I get to witness special moments, special views and special environments… if only to share with you, so you can experience the adventure from the comfort of your soft seat in your warm home as you sip coco. So you can see what I do to escape ‘real’ life and loose myself.

text by Algernon Felice Jr




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