Sex + Design

March 07, 2012

New!! Sex + Design blog has put out a real life beautiful coffee table art book entitled 'Foreplay', featuring the work and writing of many great talents on the messy, fun, impulsive, articulated, sophisticated, purposeful and beautiful side of life. “If you go home with somebody, and they don't have books, don't f*&$ them.” John Waters

Be a part of Sex+Design’s first foray into print!

  • 10?x13? Coffee Table Art Book
  • 96 Pages of Envelope-pushing Photography + Writing
  • Limited Edition Print

Featuring the work of:

Ben Eine
Oliver Rath
William Perls
Stefan Strumbel
Katelyn Arizmendi
Christelle de Castro
Colin Day
Fox Harvard
Peter Werner
Zana Bayne
Angela Casserly
Girl Next Door


Articles by:

Laura Albert (aka JT Leroy, Sarah)
Mark Morford (San Francisco Chronicle)
Veronica Christina (Sex+Design)
Alex Crevar (New York Times)
Vivanne Lapointe (Live Fast Magazine)


Music Curated By:

40 Thieves

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