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Beck and Pyramid Attack for Sound Shapes

Music // Friday, 20 Jul 2012


Sound Shapes is a title we wrote a little about after previewing it at E3 this year. It's a unique title taking two artist from to different genres (music and visual art) and pairing them together to create levels for the user to traverse. They just released a video showcasing one of these pairs, visual artists Pyramid Attack and musician, Beck.


Beck created three songs for the game, "Cities," "Touch the People," and "Spiral Staircase. One of the unique things that stood out to me was the fact that this is not 8-bit music, yet they are able to build a unique level design which reveals more of the song as you advance, without the song seeming to have been built to be puzzled together. Pyramid Attack did a great job showcasing the lyrics within the level, and not simply scribbling them on the background elements, but using the lyrics and timing to generate unique obstacles for you to surpass before proceeding through the game. Check out the video below, this is a title to look out for on August 9th when it finally gets released.




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