Jillian Ludwig's Fam Farm

Illustration // Friday, 30 Dec 2011

The series Fam Farm reflects in a calm, gentle manner the loss of natural farming within westernized culture. Genetic modification, factory farming, as well as deceitful packaging and misguided labeling results in confusion and a disconnection between customer and the source of their food. Each drawing describes animals, which are regularly used by humans, to be wrapped in flowing pink ribbons and balloons. These synthetic pretty objects operate to suggest manipulative tactics within the packaging and labeling of food. Besides ribbons and balloons, the influence of humans behavior upon these animals can be seen through plucked and exposed areas of an animal, an overproduction or misuse of hair/wool, and the fistula (access into the stomach hole) of a cow.

The short-lived and harsh existence of farmed animals is a sobering discussion. For that reason, the work is constructed in a non-threatening and often playful or humorous manner. The pastel colors, medium scale, and narrative appeal are tactics of gentle persuasion for the awareness of animal treatment and conscious abundance of human consumption.

Jillian Ludwig





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