'Deforestation' at Yves LaRoche Gallery

Illustration // Friday, 15 Aug 2014

'Deforestation' os an exhibit of new works on paper  from Edu Cerro, Philip Holt, Timothy Hoyer and Lango Oliveria that opens Sept 4th at the Yves LaRoche Gallery in Montreal, Quebec.This exhibit has brought together four international artists who currently span the coasts of north america.  All four men are tattooers but here they have worked together to focus on painting strictly on paper in a way that is quite different from the orthodox patterns of tattooing. 

Each artist is exploring their own path and at "Deforestation" the viewer will get the chance to see these paths coalesce into one central experience. Although a concerted effort for all four artists to strictly follow a theme was not made, certain crossovers of subject matter and treatment appeared anyway. References to futuristic technology are placed alongside images of the flora and fauna of the natural world, allowing the viewer  to take away whatever meaning they wish.  As with all art, sometimes the title of an individual piece or and entire show and change over the course of its creation and become something altogether different and unexpected.



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