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Casper Kang's Wilderness

Illustration // Wednesday, 02 May 2012

Casper Kang was born in Toronto, Canada and after completing his B.A.S. at Carleton University, he moved to Seoul, South Korea. Feeling disillusioned by society, and also due to his affinity towards art since childhood, he quit his job to pursue a career as a painter, which he hopes to maintain until his death. Inspired by modern social conditions, the visual forms and subject matter of his work draw from such outlets as popular culture, materialism, cultural identity, and capitalism. Asterisks frequently appear in most of his works, as both his signature and logo. Symbolizing that which is “special”, and emphasizing the sentimental quality of “apathetic personal interpretation” in modern society; the notion of grey, as in the absence of black and white, the dissolution of morality and liking or disliking something for no particular reason. As an asterisk is used to signify something of importance in a text, Casper Kang’s asterisk paintings, when hung in a certain space, announce that that particular space is “special”. Casper Kang currently resides and works in Seoul.


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